High-efficiency application in greenhouses

Prevention and control of pests and diseases in the greenhouse greenhouse, spraying pesticides by traditional spray application method, not only easy to increase the humidity in the shed, increase the occurrence and harm of pests and diseases, but also accelerate the spread of pests and diseases, so that pests and diseases spread rapidly, resulting in Serious economic losses. The following methods are used to improve the efficacy and convenience.
1. The concealed application method is to apply insecticide and sterilizing agent into a seed coating agent, a tablet or a granule to be applied to the soil, so that the crop is absorbed and transmitted to various parts of the plant through the root system, thereby achieving pest control. the goal of. This method not only pollutes the environment, but also prevents phytotoxicity to other sensitive crops.
The greenhouse application method is applied by concealed application method, which has good control effects on aphids, mites, mites and underground pests.
2. The dust application method is to process the medicament through a special form, so that it becomes a solid powder with a certain degree of fineness, and sprays it on the greenhouse space of the greenhouse through the powder spraying device, so that the space is covered with even floating floating dust, and It is evenly deposited in various parts of the plant and in all corners of the greenhouse, thus achieving the purpose of insecticidal sterilization.
Application by dust application method, the drug's ability to spread is enhanced, the plant is evenly spread, the drug effect is less and the utilization is high, so the control effect is good.
3. The smoke application method uses a special aerosol to ignite in the greenhouse, and uses the smoke that is diffused in the air to kill pests and diseases. The commonly used aerosols in greenhouses are chlorothalonil and dichlorvos. It can be used to control downy mildew, powdery mildew, late blight, gray mold and cockroaches in greenhouses. Applying this smoke application method, no need for any equipment, labor saving, economical convenience, uniform application, high control effect, good effect, and smog can diffuse the entire internal space, killing any part hidden in the greenhouse Disease.
The Chinese pesticide net Xiaobian recommended the application of the smoke application method, the control effect can reach more than 95%, and the control effect is high and stable.

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