Build a shelter to help the cherry without cracking

Fruit cracking occurs when the cherries are nearing maturity or encountering rainy weather before harvesting. This is very common and will cause very large losses to the farmers every year. Cracking fruit is produced by spraying minerals, hormones and other protective agents, and the effect of preventing cracking is not very good. It is a good measure to select good varieties with good performance against cracking, but there is currently no high-resistance variety that can provide choice. A large amount of water flooded the cherry orchard one day before the rain, which can reduce the cracking rate of the large cherry to 30%, but because of the inability to accurately predict the weather changes, the Chinese fruit growers could not accurately grasp it. However, in the cherry blossoming period, the tree stripping technique is adopted, and the effect of preventing cracking is indeed very obvious, but often due to too many tree results or weak tree, it is easy to cause a large number of flowing gum trees.

Build a shelter to help the cherry without cracking

To build a simple shelter for cherries, the average cost per mu is only 1,500 yuan. The technology is simple and easy to use. It can also be used for many years. It is easier for fruit farmers to master, and after 2 to 3 years, the film is replaced. The cost is 200 to 300 yuan, for the fruit farmers, this cost is comparable to the current high yield of cherries in the market, and the most important thing is that it can control the rate of cherry cracking at zero percent at a low cost. Within three points.

The construction technology of the large cherry awning can not only reduce the fruit cracking rate when the cherry matures, but also effectively ensure the income of the fruit farmers, and greatly reduce the bird damage of the cherry. In areas where frost damage is likely to occur in early spring, if the shelter is built early, it can also function as a frost-proof. In areas with a lot of rainfall in southern China, it is not possible to cultivate due to heavy rain. If it is combined with awning planting and sheltering, it is possible to cultivate large cherries in rainy areas of China.

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