Describe the different usages of tebufenap

Tebufenozide is an insecticide. The Chinese pesticide network Xiaobian compiled relevant information and shared it with everyone:
Some of the effects and usages of tebufenozide are the same as those of suppressing sputum, but they can be different in activity, slightly higher than suppressing fat. The mechanism of insecticidal is to promote the molting of lepidopteran larvae. When the larvae feed on pesticides , they produce a molting reaction when they are not molting, and start molting. The larvae are dehydrated and starved and die due to incomplete molting. It is effective for larvae of young and old age. When the larvae feed on the leaves of the sprayed medicinal plants, they stop feeding for about 6-8 hours, no longer harm the crops, and die after 3-4 days. The product has 20%, 24% suspension.
Trimethoprim can be used in fruit, pine, tea, vegetable, cotton, corn, rice, sorghum, soybean, sugar beet and other crops to control apple leaf moth, American white moth, pine caterpillar, canopy caterpillar, Yunbin caterpillar, gypsy moth, beet Lepidoptera pests such as Noctuidae, Cabbage, Moss, Cabbage, Corn Borer, and Herba.
1 Control forest Dendrolimus punctatus, spray with 24% suspension of 3000-4000 times.
2 The beet armyworm, which is resistant to cabbage, is sprayed with 20% suspension of 67-100 grams and 30-40 kg of water during the incubation period.
Tips for pesticide nets : Tebufenozide is toxic to fish, highly toxic to silkworms, and should be used when using.

Ferroalloys, generalized ferroalloys, are products that are added to molten iron as a deoxidizer, elemental additive, etc. in steelmaking to provide a characteristic or meet certain requirements. An intermediate alloy of iron and one or more elements, mainly used in steel smelting. In the steel industry, all intermediate alloys for steel making, whether iron or not (such as silicon calcium alloy), are generally referred to as "iron alloys". It is customary to include certain pure metal additives and oxide additives.

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