What should I pay attention to when decorating the bathroom?

The bathroom is small but there are many equipments. It is a typical sparrow that is small and complete. The decoration should pay attention to some details and avoid the troubles of decoration quality.

1. The bathroom is waterproof. This is the place where the bathroom decoration can't save money. It must be confirmed that the water shut-off experiment guarantees no water seepage.

2, the bathroom floor is lower than other grounds, so even if there is water in the bathroom, it will not flow back to the outside ground. The general bathroom floor should be about 1CM lower.

3. Do not drill holes in the bathroom wall, especially in the shower area. Because the wall is waterproof, drilling holes in the wall may damage the entire waterproof layer.

4. When the bathroom floor is paved with floor tiles, the ground must be graded in the direction of the floor drain. The slope of the general bathroom floor is 3~5%. This is done for the floor area to drain to the floor drain in the fastest time.

5, the bathroom exhaust should be done well, the bathroom environment is humid, in addition to natural ventilation, must be installed exhaust fan, not only can discharge the polluted air can also take away the humid air, keep the indoor dry.

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