Japan R & D LCD Color Monitor Thin as Paper [Full Text]

China Security Exhibition Network News Daily ordinary liquid crystal display needs a backlight, use the LCD shutter to obtain images. Recently, Japanese display company has developed a low-power liquid crystal display like paper, and can already play video. The new display does not require a backlight. It receives light from above, and the liquid crystal shutter produces a monochrome image. At the same time, the filter is used to obtain the final color image.

This display has a light control layer that looks like a mirror when the display receives normal light. When added to this light control layer, this monitor will collect light at certain wavelengths in the visible range to make it look like paper. This light can be effectively reflected back to the human eye. By improving this control layer, we can get a true color image, which is impossible for ordinary digital paper.

Global LCD monitor market is still conservative

The outlook for the development of the LCD monitor market in 2013 is still conservative. From the perspective of market demand, there are three major factors: First, the global economic performance is still full of uncertainty, consumers may still need to tighten the belt; Second, LCD monitors are actually PC peripheral products, although the market is looking forward to the success of Win8, However, it is estimated that the PC market will continue to be squeezed by the popularity of tablet PCs and smart phones. Third, products will become lighter and lighter, and Ultrabook/Ultra-like notebooks will wind down the price, threatening the market size of traditional (desktop displays).

On the supply side, as panel makers strategically shift production capacity to products with better profitability, such as LCD TVs and tablet computers, LCD panel output will continue to decrease. For the above reasons, the global shipments of LCD monitors (including AIOs) will continue to decline in 2013. WitsView estimated that in 2013, AIO shipments of LCD monitors totaled approximately 165 million units, with an annual reduction rate of 2.8%, of which display units were approximately 151 million units, an annual reduction rate of 3.7%, and AIO was approximately 14 million units. 8.1%.

In 2013, the LCD monitor market will change due to the addition of new dimensions. The 19.5-inch product in the new size will attract the most attention from the brand manufacturers. The main reason is that the 19.5-inch range is between 18.5 inches and 20 inches, according to WitsView's statistics, 18.5 in 2012. The size of inch, 19-inch and 20-inch accounts for about 44% of the total monitor shipment. Its potential market substitution effect cannot be underestimated. For panel makers, the 19.5-inch line in the sixth generation can achieve the same 24-cut cutting advantages as 18.5-inch, with excellent glass utilization. Although only CMI will begin mass production of 19.5 inches this year, LGD and AUO will join the ranks of production by 2013, making the 19.5-inch market share more than 7%.

LCD Monitor:

Liquid crystal display, or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), is a flat, ultra-thin display device consisting of a certain number of color or black and white pixels placed in front of the light source or reflective surface. Liquid crystal displays consume very little power and are therefore favored by engineers for use in electronic devices that use batteries. Its main principle is that current stimulates liquid crystal molecules to generate points, lines, and planes with the back lamp to form a picture.

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