Five misunderstandings and solutions for using floor heating floors

In recent years, more and more houses have been built using floor heating radiation systems. Therefore, the floor of geothermal heating has entered people's lives. In order to avoid consumers getting into the misunderstanding when buying the floor, experts from the professional association of floor committees such as the Furniture Association Floor Committee and the famous floor culture plaza provide answers to the problems often encountered in geothermal heating floors.

Myth 1: All floors can be used to warm the floor

When the customer asks if the floor to be sold can be used to warm the floor, many shopping guides will definitely tell the customer: "There is absolutely no problem, we are selling the floor heating floor." So the customer thinks that all the floors can be used to warm the floor.

Expert analysis: Geothermal heating is to heat the floor through a heating pipe located under the floor, and then uniformly radiate heat to the room to achieve heating effect. Therefore, the floor heating floor can not use the ordinary floor, but the special floor heating floor is used. Special floor heating floor must meet strict requirements: the substrate density should be high, the internal bonding strength should be good, and the water absorption thickness expansion rate should be less than or equal to 2.5% to ensure long-term cracking and no deformation at high temperature, and the formaldehyde emission should be low. Because the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde is released, especially in relatively closed indoors in winter, it is more likely to exceed the standard.

Misunderstanding 2: The thicker the floor, the more insulation

The thickness of the wooden floor is a factor in determining whether the foot feels comfortable to step on. Therefore, when customers choose to warm the floor, they still choose a thicker floor like the ordinary floor. It is mistaken that the floor heating is thicker and more comfortable. But after going home to the floor, the winter was not warm at all.

Expert analysis: Wood is a poor conductor, the ground heat is transmitted to the surface through the floor, there will be heat loss. Moreover, due to the large temperature difference between the upper and lower floors, the floor deformation is inevitably caused, causing the floor to be twisted and cracked, and dimensional stability is not guaranteed. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of thermal energy, the floor heating floor should be a laminate flooring with a thickness of about 8 mm. In addition, when the floor is heated, the water is dissipated quickly, and the floor is prone to seaming. Experts recommend that consumers try to use a small floor heating floor to make it evenly heated.

Misunderstanding 3: No pressure test before floor covering

"I thought the house was over, and I could breathe a sigh of relief. I didn't expect the troublesome thing to be behind." When it comes to the floor heating floor installed in the home, the customer is resentful. After the original floor heating was completed, the customer asked the decoration company to carry out a pressure test. However, the decoration company has assured the customer that the quality promised is no problem. As a result, when the heating began in the winter, the geothermal pipe actually leaked, and there was a very obvious hole.

Expert analysis: After the geothermal paving is completed, before the floor is laid, the owner should check the use of geothermal heat, and the pressure test is a must. If you don't pay attention, it will bring a lot of hidden dangers to your future life. After filling the pipe with water, after boosting to the specified test standard, keep it for more than 30 minutes and observe whether there is any water leakage. There is a venting valve on the geothermal water separator. If it is unscrewed, it means there is no leak in the pipeline. If you don't take the breath and don't worry, you can let the plumber do another pressure test when changing the waterway.

Misunderstanding 4: No environmental protection acceptance after floor covering

In order to be able to live in a new house as soon as possible, the customer asked the decoration company to speed up the construction process. After the floor is finished, the customer wants to finish the work ahead of time, and thinks that it is not necessary to do environmental testing, and this link can be omitted.

Expert analysis: Because the floor heating floor is mostly composite floor, there is a problem of formaldehyde emission. After the local warm floor is heated, the release of formaldehyde is further exacerbated. Therefore, after the floor is warmed, it must be checked for environmental protection to ensure that the release of free formaldehyde reaches the standard (1.5mg/L national standard), so as not to cause harm to the owner's physical and mental health.

Myth 5: Place legless furniture on the floor

“Some customers have been renovating for less than half a year, and the floor of the bedroom has been somewhat distorted.” Customers are puzzling. Later, when I found a professional check, I realized that it was the bed in the bedroom. The bed has no bed legs, the entire bed surface is in direct contact with the ground, and the hot air is blocked under the bed.

Expert analysis: If the indoor pavement is a floor heating floor, do not make fixed decorative parts or place legless furniture on the floor. Because the floor heating floor is a cooling surface, the hot air circulates from the bottom to the top, producing a greenhouse effect. If legless furniture or the like is placed on the floor, the heat dissipating surface will be reduced, which not only causes the heat effect to be weakened, but also does not allow the heat to be sufficiently dissipated, so that the heat is suffocated at the wooden floor, and the floor is easily deformed.

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