St. John's Floor: Doing Well the Brand and Advocating Consumer Rational Consumption

St. John's Floor: Doing Well the Brand, Promoting Consumer Rational Consumption "Looking for good building materials in Shenyang" was a dynamic carnival season. Through series of innovative marketing activities, the company gathered Shencheng's eyes and awakened consumers with collective strength and momentum. Through different types of people and common search, it focused on detonating Shenyang's home building materials market.

“The Voice of China” is a large-scale inspirational professional music show. It also provides a group of musicians with dreams and talents for the development of Chinese music and sets a new benchmark for Chinese TV music programs. . It is as fiery as the property market in September. It only listens to the sound without looking at the appearance, and turns gorgeously when it meets the sensation of the psychic shock. Nowadays, the essence of this popular commentary is about to be grafted into the home improvement industry. The good building materials around you will soon be on stage.

St. Vincent's floor has been honored for 17 years. With the corporate philosophy of "carrying with love", the company has brought peace of mind to the owners of the country. At this point, "looking for good building materials in Shenyang," the carnival season, the reporter walked into the floor of the holy elephant, and the St. Vincent flooring Liaoning Branch. General Manager Dong Jianfeng chats with him about good building materials.

Interview guests: General Manager Dong Jianfeng, St. Vincent Flooring Liaoning Branch

Reporter: Do you think that there are several standards for building materials?

Dong Jianfeng: First: Real materials, no false propaganda; Second, there is a complete after-sales system. Some people are found responsible for the problem. There are many “good” building materials. The bad ones are brands with no conscience. The third is to meet the characteristics of the current era, environmental protection is harmless, in line with these three points can be said to be good building materials.

Reporter: Do you think the price is the standard for measuring the quality of building materials?

Dong Jianfeng: I think that price is not a measure of the quality of building materials. There are many brands of products that are very good, but because of the influence of many other factors, they are driving up prices.

Reporter: So do you think the brand is the standard for measuring building materials?

Dong Jianfeng: First of all, we have to study what is a good brand, and how to measure it. Many people may think that the popularity is high and the people recognize that it is a good brand, but there are two kinds of visibility. One is that the visibility is high in the whole country. One is The popularity in the region is high, but in the country with high reputation, the popularity in the region is not necessarily high. In the region with high popularity, the popularity in the country is not necessarily high, but I recommend the brand is well-known in the country, only barely qualified The brand, but it can not be said that this brand is a good brand, I think the brand can not be used to measure the good and bad, the brand is not good or bad, can only say the people's awareness and brand awareness.

“Famousness” may be a swear word in the eyes of ordinary people, but it is a neutral word in the dictionary, so consumers should not blindly choose because of some good titles of a certain brand. Here I still want to advocate that consumers can Rational consumption, more to pay attention to the voice of third-party media, a lot of product knowledge.

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