Machine tool industry and engineering machinery industry output value PK

“In 2010, the output value of the construction machinery industry was large, or was the output value of the machine tool industry?” This is a multiple-choice question I gave my colleagues. 80% of the answers I got were the same, the same as I did before I got the industry data.

However, we are all wrong. In 2010, the output value of the machine tool industry exceeded 500 billion yuan, while the total output value of the construction machinery industry just exceeded 400 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the total output value of the machine tool industry in 2009.

Why do we think that the output value of the construction machinery industry will be much larger than the machine tool industry?

Think about it, it should be related to the performance of the top two companies in the industry. For example, in the field of construction machinery, the annual sales revenue of Xugong, Liugong, Sany and other leading companies exceeded 10 billion yuan a few years ago. The goal of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is directly to 100 billion yuan. The machine tool industry currently seems to have only one Shenyang machine tool.

Having said that, some people may not agree. It will be said that the characteristics of these two industries are different and there is no comparability at all. Because most of the products in the construction machinery industry are large-scale production, and the machine tools are multi-variety and small-volume, so the value from the output value is relatively small, and because it is a large-scale production, it is more likely to have a leading enterprise that wins by quantity, so there are channels. The enterprises of the foundation are more likely to grow bigger, and the concentration of the two industries is also different.

This view seems to be reasonable and just explains why Shenyang Machine Tool can become the industry's first, because Shenyang's machine tools produce the only large-scale lathe in the industry.

However, one thing that machine tool manufacturers need to learn from construction machinery manufacturers is the speed of product development and market development.

When reporting on the machine tool industry, it is often seen or heard that domestic machine tools lack the right to speak in the high-end product market, and lack of technology and other diseases. In comparison, construction machinery has been more positive and positive in this regard, such as large and rotary drilling rigs. Although it used to rely on imports in the past, in recent years, it has become obvious that domestic construction machinery manufacturers are launching new products.

Even more gratifying is the speed at which the construction machinery industry replaces imports. I remember two years ago, the media still reported that the domestic market share of domestic excavators was less than 1/3, but now there are already many previous loaders to replace the re-export.

After the domestic market share reaches a certain level, the company will naturally turn its attention to foreign markets. However, the competition in the domestic market can now be regarded as international competition, because the international giants in the construction machinery industry have extended their reach to China many years ago. It can be said that the construction machinery industry has experience in competing with international rivals. In addition, China's market coverage is relatively large, and there is certain experience in product positioning and capital allocation. When going out to explore the international market, the most lacking is probably only for the local environment. As far as the understanding of policies and regulations is concerned, as long as this embarrassment is crossed, the emergence of Caterpillar in China is not impossible.

So, is the cause of the rise of machine tool companies on the world stage really the technical bottleneck of the word? How do Chinese construction machinery companies break through this bottleneck? Its lessons are definitely worth learning from the machine tool industry.

For many years in the industry news, the reporter has also had in-depth contact with the construction machinery industry. Compared with the two, it can be clearly felt that the machine tool enterprise style is generally introverted and low-key, and the construction machinery enterprise operation is much more active. This can be seen from our newspaper interviews with reporters in these two industries. Estimated, the top five companies in the construction machinery industry ranked as far as we know, and were invited to participate in the report no less than five times, and the machine tool industry is very rare.

Of course, this is not to say that a lively and high-profile style is worth emulating, and the invisible industry champion is equally commendable. But I think that an entrepreneur's open attitude can be a good reflection of this corporate culture, and giving such an open impression to the outside world may invite more opportunities for cooperation.

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