How to buy high-quality glass mosaic?

Mosaic tiles are favored by many owners because they can make beautiful patterns and have good decorative effects. At present, the mosaic that is most welcomed by owners is the glass mosaic. This is mainly due to the monotonous pattern of ceramic mosaics and the waterproof performance of marble mosaics. Not very good, only the glass mosaic has both rich color patterns and good waterproof performance. However, many owners do not understand how to choose high-quality glass mosaics. Here's how to teach them how to choose high-quality glass mosaics:

First, check whether the manufacturer is regular by checking the packing box of the tiles

The surface of each packing box produced by regular manufacturers will be printed with the product name, factory name, registered trademark, production date, color number, specification, quantity and weight, and should be printed with signs such as moisture-proof, fragile; each box of products will be attached There is a certificate of inspection; moisture-proof paper is placed in each box to prevent the mosaic from getting damp. If the packing box that the owner sees does not have such a standard design, it means that the manufacturer is not a very regular manufacturer.

Second, check the quality of the glass mosaic

1, first check whether the glass mosaic is smooth, see if each mosaic is the same specification, check whether the edge of each small particle is neat, and place the single-piece mosaic on the horizontal ground to see if it is flat.

2. Touch the glazed surface of the glass mosaic to see if it is smooth. If it is too smooth, it means that the slip resistance is not good.

3, the thickness of the glass mosaic is generally between 4mm-4.3mm, not too thick or too thin.

4, check the back of the mosaic, high-quality glass mosaic on the back will not have a thick layer of latex, generally showing a jagged or ladder-like, this mosaic is a high quality.

5, to see if there are cracks and flaws in the mosaic, whether the color is uniform, it is best to carry out this inspection under strong light.

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