Use biological pesticides according to meteorology

Bacterial pesticides are biological pesticides with high insecticidal rate, no pollution to the environment, no poisoning of humans and animals, and no resistance to pests. However, the insecticidal action of bacterial pesticides is related to the number and activity of bacteria, and the meteorological conditions are very strict when used. To improve the efficacy of bacterial bio-pesticide, the following issues must be noted when using.

Temperature conditions: The suitable temperature for the spraying of bacterial bio-pesticide is 20-30 ° C, because the active ingredients of such pesticides are protein crystals and living spores. At low temperatures, spores propagate very slowly in pests, protein crystals are also less susceptible to action, and bacterial biologics are applied above and below the conditions of 25-30 °C, and the potency is 1-2 times higher than that at 10-15 °C.

Humidity conditions: use bacterial biological agents pesticides, the greater the environmental humidity, the higher the efficacy, especially with powdered biological pesticides. Because the bacterial spores are not resistant to dry environmental conditions, the sprayed bacterial powder should be carried out in the morning and evening when dew is present, so as to facilitate the adhesion of the microbial agent to the base leaves, and promote spore reproduction and improve the efficacy.

Sunlight conditions: Ultraviolet rays in the sun have a killing effect on spores. Direct sunlight exposure for 30 minutes, the spore mortality rate is about 50%, and the mortality rate after exposure for 1 hour is as high as 80%. In addition, ultraviolet radiation also has a deformation-reducing effect on the parasporal crystals. Therefore, it is best to apply the biologic pesticides after 5 pm or on cloudy days.

Rain conditions: medium to heavy rain will wash away the bacteria sprayed on the foliage, reducing the efficacy, but if it is light rain after 5 hours of application, it will not reduce the control effect, but have synergistic effect.
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