ALLU SM Screening Broken Bucket Successfully Applied on Heilongjiang Highway

On March 1, 2006, the Finnish Ricoh ALLU screening crushing bucket was screened on the outskirts of Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. This is also the installation test after Yichun Luqiao purchased the first ALLU screening crushing bucket. Yichun City Road and Bridge Construction Co., Ltd. of Heilongjiang Province was formerly a subordinate unit of the local highway bureau. In November 2005, it ordered an SM4-17 sieve crushing bucket.

According to the relevant technical specifications, the outer diameter of sand gravel selected from the riverbed used for road construction shall not exceed 80 cm. The actual situation in Heilongjiang is that the sand gravel in the riverbed is about 30%~40% larger than 80cm, so it must be used before use. Screening. In the past, there were three ways to screen and manually select; build a fixed drum-type screening station; directly add a large screen to the mixing port of the mixing station, and the fine material was sorted to one side by coarse material, and the effect was far from Ideal, even affecting the efficiency of the mixing station. The use of SM4-17 screening crusher bucket maximizes efficiency, saves costs and shortens construction time. Firstly, the ALLU screening crushing bucket processing material is the active screening process. When the equipment is working, it is running at high speed, and the efficiency is greatly improved. According to the demonstration effect, it takes about 5 to 10 seconds for each treatment, and can handle four or five buckets per minute. Each bucket is about 2.2 square meters, so that it can handle three or four hundred squares per hour. It can process three or four thousand squares per day for ten hours, and the available materials processed are more than two thousand square meters. This efficiency is greatly improved compared to the past three traditional passive screening methods. Secondly, the quality of the treatment is controlled by the equipment itself. The Yichun Road Bridge uses a 60mm knife pitch. The selected materials are 100% technically compliant, and the materials are fully mixed evenly, and the subsequent work is stepped up. Completed, which greatly reduces the workload and work pressure of supervision. The most important thing is to combine a large and medium-sized screening crushing equipment with an excavator and loader that can be moved anywhere. This greatly facilitates the field construction, and can complete the project that requires many processes in the past. You can even load the car while you are working.

ALLU Screening and Crushing Bucket can also play more functions in highway construction, such as mixing ash after material selection. If it is broken, it can be used to break the asphalt pavement and reuse it with the bucket of ALLU. As long as it can be achieved by screening, crushing, mixing and other functions that the ALLU bucket can achieve, it can be used to handle the scene.

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