Plant growth regulator properties and application methods

Spraying plant growth regulators on crops is an effective means to promote the growth of crops and improve the quality and yield of crops. In particular, there are five major benefits to crop spraying plant growth regulators:

First, promote crop growth. Spraying plant growth regulators at the beginning of crop growth can promote the germination of crops, accelerate the growth of branches and leaves, and make crops flourish.

Second, the flower and fruit. Spraying before or after flowering of crops can effectively enhance cell viability, promote fertilization and fruit set, and prevent and control falling flowers and fruits.

Third, increase the sugar. Citrus, apple, pear, grape, watermelon, sugar cane and other crops, sprayed in the middle and later stages of fruit setting, can promote the conversion and storage of sugar to improve the quality and yield of fruit.

Fourth, improve the ability of photosynthesis. Spraying plant growth regulators on crops can enhance the metabolism and photosynthesis of crops, accelerate the absorption, operation and storage of nutrients by crops, thus achieving the goal of promoting high-quality and high-yield crops.

The plant growth regulator has no odor, is easily soluble in water, is generally harmless to humans and animals, does not remain on crops, and is safe and convenient to use. The application time, concentration and frequency of plant growth regulators on various crops are detailed in the product specification. Wheat and rice are generally sprayed 3 times, once in the seedling stage, 10,000 times in water; once before heading, 8000 times in water; once after filling, before harvesting, 8000 times in water.

There are three points to note when using plant growth regulators:

1. It must be diluted with water according to the instructions.

2, can only be sprayed on plants, leaves and fruits, plant flowering period can not be sprayed.

3. Plant growth regulators should not be sprayed onto soil and soil. Author: Feng Guoming
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