Cornfield weeding with glyphosate

Glyphosate, also known as Roundup, Peasant Music, etc., has 40% and 10% water-based dosage forms. It is an organic type of strong internal-suction type stem and leaf treatment of herbicides. It is not selective for plants, generally all green plants, regardless of It is a crop or a weed, and it is killed after taking the medicine.

In some scientific books, glyphosate is used to protect against weeds in corn fields. Some pesticide distributors often recommend to the public the use of glyphosate to control weeds in corn. Therefore, when the early weeding of corn did not achieve the desired effect, many farmers in the middle and late stages of weeding chose glyphosate. Practice has proved that corngrass is not easy to get problems with glyphosate weed control. In 2005, some corn fields in our town used glyphosate protectively. Some corns had different degrees of phytotoxicity. The light leaves are chlorotic, and the whole plant seems to be severely drought-like; the heavy leaves die dry, the losses are serious, and some are basically out of production. There have been many disputes between pesticide distributors and the masses.

The use of glyphosate weeding to cause damage to corn is mainly due to the following reasons:

First, users lack understanding of the performance of glyphosate, and the difference between systemic and contact pesticides is unclear. After the glyphosate solution is absorbed by the corn leaves, not only the leaves of the drug are damaged, but the whole plant is affected.

Second, the user's spraying technology is not standardized, and the awareness of corn protection is poor. It is believed that since there is a protective cover, it can be used with confidence, and it is not necessary to protect corn. In addition, some protective covers are of poor quality and have a weak protective effect on corn, which is also an important cause of corn phytotoxicity.

Third, in the middle and late stages of corn growth, the field weeds are older, and some weeds grow taller. It is necessary to raise the spray of the nozzles and increase the spray width of the liquid. The lower leaves of the corn are easy to take medicine.

Fourth, when the drug is used in high temperature weather and after the drug is used, the corn will absorb a part of the liquid evaporated at a high temperature, thereby being affected or aggravating the phytotoxicity.

In short, the use of glyphosate for weeding in corn fields is not prone to phytotoxicity and must be used with caution. It is safer to use contact-killing paraquat in the middle and late stages of corn growth. (Shandong Technology Station, Shaozhuang Town, Cao County, Shandong Province)
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