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Buyers spend most of their savings to buy a house, and then the decoration will take a lot of money. Therefore, many decoration users will make a budget list of home decoration in advance, so that there is a certain number of hearts. What are the costs of the home decor budget list ? Today we will use the following to learn about it.

Home decor budget list - direct costs

In the actual decoration process, the direct costs of the budget will be involved, including material costs, equipment costs, labor costs, etc., which include construction costs. If you are looking for a construction team, the total cost will add up to roughly three-tenths of the overall cost of housing renovation based on market conditions. These specific expenses can be calculated with reference to the prices on the market, and it is easier to understand.

Home decor budget list - design costs

In home renovation, a reasonably-appropriate design can demonstrate the taste of the owner to a certain extent. The design cost generally accounts for 5% to 20% of the house decoration cost. In the budget, special instructions are required. If the decoration users are more concerned with design, choose different styles and grades, the design costs will be different, and the budget will be high or low. Take up a large proportion of the overall cost.

Home decor budget list - material costs

The use of all kinds of materials in house decoration naturally accounts for a large proportion of the overall cost. When you have free time, you can look at the building materials market and compare the materials so as to understand the material prices in the market. If you want to know the specific costs, you can consult with local professionals and provide detailed information for users. The price of decoration materials is difficult to control, and the types of brands are endless, and the grades are different, resulting in a difference in the decoration budget. In addition, the difference in construction design will directly affect the price, and the material cost will occupy 40% to 50% of the overall cost. The existing trickery is also larger and needs careful inspection.

Home decor budget list - management fees

The management fee is generally charged by the decoration company. If a larger-scale decoration company is selected, the decoration company will send professional staff. During the renovation period, the vehicle will be provided for the purchase of the decoration materials, as well as on-site supervision services and coordination work. The overall cost incurred. In the overall renovation cost, the proportion is not higher than 10%. If the construction team is asked to carry out the construction, there is usually no such expenditure, but during the construction process, the quality of the housing cannot be guaranteed.

Regarding the list of home decoration budgets , Xiao Bian introduced it here for the time being. I hope to help you. If you want to know more about the family budget, you can pay attention to the information on this website, and more exciting content is waiting for you.

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