Air compressor maintenance

Air compressor maintenance personnel put forward the precautions for regular maintenance and maintenance of all major components. Air compressor maintenance In order to enable the machine to operate normally and reliably, and to ensure the service life of the unit, it is necessary to develop a more detailed maintenance plan and implement the personification. Operation, regular maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance, keeping the air compressor unit clean, oil-free, and free of dirt.

There are many types of air compressors. According to the working principle, they can be divided into positive displacement compressors, reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors, and air compressor maintenance.

Every time the air compressor runs for about 2000h, in order to remove the dust on the heat dissipation surface, the cooler purge hole cover on the fan bracket needs to be opened, and then the cooler is purged with a dust blower until the heat dissipation surface is cleaned. If the heat-dissipating surface is dirty and difficult to clean, remove the cooler, pour out the oil in the cooler and close the four inlets and outlets to prevent dirt from entering, then use compressed air to blow off the dust on both sides or use water. Rinse and finally blow dry water stains on the surface. Put it back in place. Remember! Do not scrape off dirt with a hard object such as an iron brush to avoid damaging the surface of the heat sink.

Moisture in the air may condense in the oil and gas separation tank, especially in wet weather. When the exhaust temperature is lower than the air pressure dew point or the shutdown is cooled, more condensate will be deposited. Excessive moisture in the oil will cause emulsification of the lubricating oil and affect the safe operation of the machine, such as:

---Cause the compressor main engine is poorly lubricated;

---The effect of oil and gas separation is worse, and the pressure difference of the oil separator becomes larger;

---Cause the parts to rust.

Therefore, a condensate discharge schedule should be established based on the humidity.

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