The decoration price of the building is the consideration of how many buildings are renovated.

After purchasing the rough house, we have a lot of money from decoration to buying large and small furniture. In the face of the renovation of the house, the quality of all things must be good. Choosing materials is a very difficult task, and the renovation costs must be paid before the renovation. The wires are buried in the wall, if the quality of the purchase is not good. That can be troublesome. So the quality of things is very important. That'll tell you about today small building renovated prices and what precautions buildings renovated.


First, the price of the building renovation is how much

1, water circuit transformation: 1800 yuan or so furniture: 16,000 ~ 20,000 yuan, including sofas, coffee table 3,500 yuan, 5,500 yuan bed, wardrobe 7000 yuan. Note that the finished furniture purchased does not contradict the color, style and overall style.

2, the ground material: less than 15,000 yuan, the living room and other public space practical ground about 35 square meters, the bedroom floor is about 33 square meters, kitchen and bathroom floor is about 12 square meters. The floor of the bedroom is made of laminate flooring, 75-125 yuan per square meter, and the cost is about 3300 yuan. If the meeting is frequent, the living room can also choose micro-powder or spar floor tiles. It is estimated that this cost is about 3,500 yuan; in the kitchen and bathroom, you can Choose 30-60 yuan per square meter of wall and floor tiles, cost more than 600 yuan

3, kitchen and bathroom: including the basic project, riser, plastic steel ceiling, wall and floor tiles, not counting cabinets, electrical appliances, etc., cost 1100 ~ 3000 yuan.

4, sanitary ware: choose some of the common types of joint venture or imported products, including "sit toilet + basin + shower + faucet + water", etc., cost 1800 ~ 3500 yuan.

5, lamps:: less than 2,000 yuan, of which 800 yuan for the main light, 500 yuan for the bedroom lamp, 500 yuan for kitchen lamps, Yuba, mirror lights, 200 yuan for auxiliary lamps.

6, hardware:: Hardware includes faucets, door locks, door stoppers, handles, switches, sliding door rails, etc., can consider quality joint, moderate price joint venture brand, the total cost is controlled at 800 ~ 1000 yuan. In addition, the switch socket is 800 to 1000 yuan, totaling 1600 to 2,000 yuan.


Second, the building decoration considerations

1. Measuring room is an indispensable step in the renovation of new houses, not to mention the amount of materials needed for the renovation of new homes. Even if the price difference of one square meter is more, it can lead to a rapid increase in the renovation cost of the new house. Therefore, when the new house is renovated, the owner personally measures the basic information such as the width and height of the room.

2, the door cover of the woodworker and the tiling of the mason is also necessary. When the door cover is used, it is necessary to consider whether the ground below (either side of the two sides of the door) is to be tiled or other cement mortar to level things, because If the door cover is nailed in front of the tile, it will always be wrapped on the ground. When the cement is used in the future, if the cement and the door cover are stained, the door cover wood will be watery and moldy.

The above article is the price of the building decoration introduced by Xiaobian to everyone, the precautions for building decoration. I believe everyone will understand after reading it. To know how much the building decoration, but also to understand the building decoration style, so that you can better decorate your own building, to be a tasteful, style, not blind life. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. If there are other needs. Please pay more attention to the decoration home network.

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