Home wire how to connect the wire installation considerations

In the house renovation, the wire is a hidden project, so it is inconvenient to adjust the line in the later period. Therefore, the distribution of the line is very important. Then, how should the household wire be connected? Let's look at how to connect home wire and wire installation precautions!

First, how to pick up home wire

1.L indicates the hot line, N indicates the neutral line is also called the zero line, usually use the red, yellow and green colors of the three colors of the wire, the neutral line selects the blue color of the wire, to the socket, the right jack is the FireWire The left side of the jack is a zero line.

2. Usually the installation of the indoor circuit is: left zero right fire middle ground, with the letters that L is a live line, N is a zero line. Expressed in color: red is the hot line, blue is the zero line, and the yellow-green two-color line is grounded.

3. Wire joints should be fastened, smooth and without puncture. Before thread breakage, use steel wire to press it and then wind it to the opening to ensure that the thread head is disconnected at the joint. When connecting two insulated wires, the insulation of the wire head is required. Peel the skin clean, then clean the inner core, and then twist the end of the wire and weld.

4. When wires are connected to switches and fuses or other equipment, the wires must be soldered with special connectors. The direction of the ring must be the same as the screw tightening direction to avoid loosening the threads when tightening the nuts.

5. In order to prevent the wires from coming into contact with combustibles, the matching of the selected electrical appliances should not exceed the matching of the wires to avoid premature aging of the wires and fire.

Second, wire installation precautions

1. The correct connection

In the process of laying wires, joints should be avoided as much as possible, because often the joints are most likely to have large resistance, which leads to the heating of the wires. If it is impossible to avoid producing joints, it must be wrapped with insulating tape outside the joints.

2. Choose a reasonable installation form

There are two different ways of installing indoor wires: surface mount and concealed mount. Surface mount is laid along the surface of the wall and ceiling. Pay attention to the fact that the home must not be squeezed or folded when installed on the wall. The wire is firmly fixed. Concealed installation refers to wires laid in places such as walls or ceilings. For safety reasons, concealed installation must be performed by professional personnel.

3. Correct use of ground

For some washing machines and refrigerators that require three-phase plugs, be sure to install a reliable ground.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is a small series for everyone to share the home wire how to pick up and wire installation precautions, it is recommended that everyone will install the phone line shot down for future maintenance, hope that the above share can help everyone, if you need to understand For more information, please continue to pay attention to the website of this website.

How to connect home wire

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