Analysis of the pre-flowering process of grape in spring

Grape varieties have different resistance, different regions, different cultivation methods, and the focus of prevention and control will be different. Regardless of the area, pre-flowering control is very important, and local areas should be controlled according to local medicines and methods.

First, before the budding. 1. Do a good job in clearing the garden to kill the source of wintering bacteria and insects. 2. After the clearing of the garden, spray the tree generals in time to absorb the sun's ultraviolet disinfection, which can inhibit the pathogenesis and transmission path of the plant's airborne virus, and improve the plant immunity and health index. 3. For areas with severe white rot in the previous year, it is necessary to use the stone sulphur mixture together with the general guardian tree to use the best effect.

Second, the inflorescence exhibition period. This period generally does not use pesticides . If some green blind mites require serious insecticides , they must be used together with new high-fat membranes to improve the control effect and reduce the amount of pesticides. If there are problems, it is necessary to supplement a variety of trace elements.

Third, the inflorescence separation period. 1. At this time, it is mainly the control of gray mold, downy mildew, black pox disease, cob brown blight, etc., while supplementing boron. 2. Spraying the flower-promoting flower No. 3 in time can control the branches to grow wild, and assimilation induces the transmembrane signal conversion of plant cells, forcing the toppings to vigorously return a large amount of nutrients, and the main nutrient of the trunk turns to the young fruit development system to enhance the fruit's swelling vitality.

Fourth, the beginning of the flowering period. 1. Pre-flower precaution is to ensure the safety of flowering period. No matter what kind of varieties need to use pesticides for prevention and control, the grape flowering period is a relatively fragile period. Therefore, it is necessary to spray a new high-fat film 600 times night, which can automatically form a layer of macroscopic invisible polymer. Protective film to optimize the water absorption, breathability and light transmission quality of plants. Blocking pests and smuggling signals and weakening the media to resist and defend against natural environmental disasters. 2. Try not to take medicine during the flowering period. If you need to take medicine in special circumstances, try to avoid the flowering period. 3. After the flowering, before the bagging, adjust the medicine according to the bagging time reasonably. The medicine before the bagging is also the key point of prevention and control. This is adjusted according to the specific conditions (the bag is set 3 days after the drug is used), and the foliar fertilizer is used. This period is generally more important for the supplement of calcium. Calcium alcohol can be used to supplement the calcium deficiency problem of grape enlargement. 4. For the whole management in the later stage, the drug use plan is mainly determined according to the specific situation, and the drug is treated alternately throughout the production cycle, and used together with the new high-fat film to improve the control effect and reduce the amount of pesticide.

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