Spindle bearing oil function and characteristics

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Spindle bearing oil function and characteristics

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-03-17

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Spindle bearing oil is a special smooth oil for fine machine tools and similar equipment spindle bearings; it plays an important role in ensuring the working accuracy and function of the spindle; extending its service life; also known as bearing oil.
Its main functions:
1. Appropriate viscosity and excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics are used to make the machine tool spindle temperature not too high and cause the machine tool to be thermally deformed; affect the machining accuracy or make the bearing smooth; should choose the appropriate temperature according to the spindle bearing layout, rotation speed and bearing clearance. Smooth oil requires excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics; avoids changes in spindle operating temperature and ambient temperature; viscosity changes are too large and affect its smooth function.
2, outstanding smoothness is to maintain a uniform oil film between the spindle and the bearing contact surface; and the oil film is not damaged when the spindle starts or stops the impact load; the outstanding smooth function plays a role in reducing conflict and conflict heat, The effect of lowering the temperature rise of the spindle and ensuring the machining accuracy; the demand has an outstanding smooth function.
3, outstanding anti-oxidation machine tool spindle when using the smoothing method; the spindle bearing oil is required for long-term use without deformation, so it is required to have outstanding oxidation resistance.
4, outstanding rust resistance because the oil will inevitably be mixed into the air in the process of the spindle smooth system, or the machine coolant; therefore, the oil demand has excellent rust resistance.

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