Which is the difference between the paint-free door and the paint door?

Which is better for the paintless door and the paint door ? Most people in the building materials will choose the wooden door, while the wooden door has the unpainted door and the paint door. So many people ask Paint doors and paint the door which is better it? The biggest difference is two different production process, here's a look at paint doors and paint the door of which good knowledge of it!

Which is better for paint-free doors and paint doors? Let us first look at the difference between them.

The biggest difference between the unpainted door and the paint door is the difference of the production process. One is that the finished product does not have to be painted again, and the other is that after the finished product is made, a variety of processes are required. The paint door manufacturing process eliminates the complexity of the paint door. The other one is different in material. The paint-free door adapts to the PVC material, while the paint door uses the MDF. In addition, the difference between the two prices is relatively large, due to the relatively complicated process of painting the door, so the price of paint doors to be higher than the paint free door.

Paint free door

Paint-free door, as its name suggests, means wood door that does not need to use paint. The paint-free door on the market is made of PVC veneer on the surface of solid wood composite door or molded door, and is made of vacuum suction molding process. There is also a kind of paint-free door that has been processed in the factory finished wooden doors.

Painted door

The paint is a kind of processing technology. The paint door is a kind of wooden door that is put into the baking room to be warmed and dried after painting the solid wood door. Most of the surface of the paint door is using a density board as a substrate. Because of the long processing time and complicated process, the price of the paint door is also relatively high in the market. The PU paint door is a relatively high-grade paint door, generally divided into piano paint and metal paint.

Which is better for paint-free doors and paint doors? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the paintless door and the paint door.

Paint-free door advantages:

The non-painted door surface is smooth and bright, and the color is relatively changeable. Since it is paint-free, it can prevent the paint from emitting toxic gases and is more environmentally friendly. It has the advantages of short construction period, impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free.

Paint-free door defects:

It is relatively easy to get wet and affected by the humidity of the outside air. It is easy to open and deform the rubber.

Paint door advantages:

Very beautiful and fashionable, and due to the surface paint treatment technology, make the paint door waterproof and anti-pollution ability is relatively strong, very easy to clean.

Paint door defects:

The construction time is long and the rejection rate is high. So in the market, the price is relatively much higher.

Comparing the two, from the quality point of view, it is still more recommended that everyone buy the paint door, although the processing time is relatively long, but in the future use will be more assured.

The above is to give everyone the paint-free door and the paint door which is good , after reading the right to choose which kind of idea is not it? Hope to help everyone, if you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site , more exciting so stay tuned!

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