What are the tips for harvesting chives?

The harvesting of leeks also requires skill. The scientific harvesting of leeks can prevent the premature aging of leeks and achieve the goal of high yield for successive years. In production, attention should be paid to controlling the number of harvesting, and the relationship between harvesting and rooting, front and back knives, current output and annual output should be handled.

The number of times amaranth is harvested per year should be based on plant growth, soil fertility and market demand. The leeks planted in the same year should not be harvested, and the roots should be rooted. After the second year, the harvest is mainly spring sorghum. The quality of spring sorghum is good and the benefits are high. Generally, it can be harvested 3-4 times in April-June. Summer is hot, leeks grow slowly, and the quality is poor. Generally, rooting is the mainstay, only sputum and silk flowers are collected. Autumn amaranth is of good quality, but in order to root the winter, it is generally only harvested 1-2 times. If it is cultivated in a protected area, it can be harvested in autumn and covered in winter. The interval between harvesting of leek should be determined according to plant growth, climatic conditions and market demand. In spring, it usually takes about 40 days from rejuvenation to harvesting the first knife, 25-30 days between the second knife, and 20-25 days from the third knife. It is better to harvest when the plant height is 30 cm and 7 leaves are 1 heart. Harvesting is too early, plants are prone to premature aging, yield is low; harvesting is too late, plants are easy to fall, poor quality. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright

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