How about the beautiful juice machine?

Whether it is winter or summer, the juicer is a trendy kitchen element. From the warm positive energy in winter to the coolness in summer, the juicer brings a lot of enjoyment to life. US juicer good reputation in the market as a juice machine brand, that in the end how? Here go good home network Xiaobian to tell you about.


How about the beautiful juice machine:

Fresher, easier to clean, more juice is the standard for juicers in the juicer industry. Where is the more fresh and beautiful performance? Whether it is a beautiful blender or a juicer, the inner cup body is made of glass. Many products on the market use plastics. Although many plastics mentioned in the promotion are non-toxic and harmless, the glass cups have solved this concern very well. Moreover, the material of the glass is not easy to be contaminated and easy to clean, and the beautiful juicer adopts a split design, which solves the problem of disassembly and cleaning of the juicer. The most important thing is that Midea adopts the self-developed coarse-toothed cutter disc structure, which effectively solves the problem of low juice yield of traditional juicers. Whether it is stirring or ground meat or fruit and vegetable juice, the whole step is in place. The beautiful fruit and vegetable juicer is controlled by a microcomputer intelligent chip, and the multi-speed speed control part juicer has multi-functional juice, and can select multi-function buttons such as ground meat, juice, vegetable juice, etc., and also has a heating effect.

Juice and vegetable juices use ordinary juice extraction methods, and the internal fiber structure and nutrient structure are actually destroyed. This is also a controversial concept of fruit and vegetable juice extraction. However, Midea's unique separation of multiple pieces of uniform mixing patent, vortex mixing and mixing, using the centrifugal principle to automatically slag, making the mixing more thorough, retaining more nutrients.

Whether it's the beauty of the unique low-speed dry juice concept or the unique dual-axis drive, there is a quieter noise reduction technology, in order to give a new concept of home, in line with the beauty of the creative life of the brand concept.

Beautiful juice machine instructions

The relevant components, including the slag mesh and the screen components, need to be cleaned before the juicer is used. Fill the juice tray assembly, juice lid, push rod, etc., install all the components and plug in the power. Wash and maintain according to the prescribed cleaning method after each use. When mixing and juicing, first squeeze the food with more fiber and vegetable fiber, and then squeeze the small fiber food. And if you put it out after shredding it will be higher, and do not add hard objects such as stones inside to avoid damage.

The above is the information about the beautiful juice machine introduced by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope that I can help you, and more relevant information, so stay tuned for the follow-up reports under the website.

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