Detailed renovation of the house material list and budget you deserve to own

For the first time the decoration of the owners, the new home decoration from where to start, what to buy materials, must first understand and then further planning. The decoration of the house's bill of materials is a systematic project. From the ground to the ceiling, from the living room to the bedroom, every material must be clearly selected in terms of brand, quality, style, and service. Only with a clear understanding of the material list of the decoration house will there be a reasonable interior decoration planning and material demand budget to prevent the decoration of the house.

Renovation house material list

First, renovation of basic building materials

1, cement, yellow sand, brick

Recommended brand cement, the previous number is 400#, 500# and 600#. 400# is now 32.5, and 500# is now 42.5. General home 32.5 on it. The greater the number of cement, the greater the viscosity, dry faster. The color of the cement is grayish black and false grayish. Cement packaging is 50 & pluxxxn; 2 kg / bag. Yellow sand is divided into coarse sand, medium sand, and fine sand. Home decoration is generally used in sand.

2, plate

Plates are divided into timber (drama), plywood, blockboard, and veneer. Due to environmental issues, the proportion of plates in the amount of home renovations has now declined, from the previous 5% to the current level of around 3%.

1 The white pine in the product is in cubic meters. An irregular board is measured at its shortest length and its width is taken as 1/2 of this board. The formula for calculating volume is length, width, and height. The amount of white pine in general household is 0.5-0.8 cubic meters.

2 Plywood is 3%, 50%, 90%, and 12%. Sanli plywood is often called a plywood.

3 Blockboard grade standards are divided into E1 and E2. E1≤1.5/L, E2≤5.0/L. The pass rate of blockboard is lower, and now it is better to use integrated boards. The thickness is generally 18 mm, usually only about 17.2.


Second, the decoration material analysis

Floor: The market is currently the most popular solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring. Solid wood flooring is superior to laminate flooring in terms of footwork, quality, comfort, etc. It also requires a certain amount of patience and energy to maintain, and the price will be more expensive. Laminate flooring lies between tiles and solid wood floors, but it is also economical.

Sanitary Ware: Including toilets, hand basins, bidets, mop pools and other ceramic products. The seats will be divided into ordinary seats and smart seats according to the function. There are two ways of flushing the siphon by flushing. Hand basins are divided into under counter basins and above counter basins, which can be selected according to personal preferences.

Cabinet: It is the main material for the kitchen decoration nowadays. The cabinets are divided into whole cabinets and traditional cabinets. The overall cabinet adopts advanced design, mechanical craftsmanship, and quick installation. Compared with traditional cabinets, it has great advantages and has gradually replaced traditional cabinets.

Doors: As with the cabinets, there are a variety of materials on the market, and the doorways for various crafts have basically replaced the traditional woodworking doors and doorways. The door is mainly divided into molded doors, steel doors, unpainted doors and solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors. There are sliding doors of various materials.

Luminaires: Different functional areas require different luminaires. The selection of luminaires needs to be practical, aesthetic, and energy-saving. The living room requires bright atmosphere lamps, while the bedroom lighting needs are soft and comfortable.

Switch, socket: According to the function is divided into N open, N open dual control. Sockets have five-hole sockets, 16A three-hole sockets, with switch sockets, information sockets, telephone sockets, TV sockets, multi-function sockets, speaker sockets, as well as blank panels and waterproof boxes.

Water heaters: There are three types of water heaters available on the market: storage-type electric water heaters, gas-fired water heaters, and electric-heat-type water heaters. How to select a water heater depends on the layout of the room and personal habits.

Faucet shower: It is the most frequently used plumbing fixture. The most popular faucet shower material is copper chrome plated and ceramic valve core. The plumbing which is made of refined copper is the most reliable guarantee for avoiding waterway hidden dangers.

Smoke machine stove: According to the principle of smoking, the market is divided into deep range hood, European range hood, side suction range hood. The cookers are divided into fire cookers and infrared cookers.

Wallpaper: A new type of wall decoration material that can add monotonous color and texture to latex paint, resulting in strong visual impact and decorative effect. Although the wallpaper is not the main material required for home decoration, it has gradually entered the home decoration in recent years.

Ceiling: It is a decorative material used to prevent the moisture in the kitchen and bathroom from attacking the roof and covering the pipeline. It is mainly divided into plastic steel plate, aluminum plastic plate, aluminum buckle plate, integrated ceiling and waterproof gypsum board ceiling and sauna plate ceiling.

Stone: Divided into natural marble and artificial stone, natural marble has the advantages of durability, natural texture, and low price. Artificial stone has the advantages of radiation, color diversity, seamless bonding, and good impermeability. Can be used for windowsills, countertops, stair steps, wall decorations, etc.

Sink: It is a must-have functional product in the kitchen. It is divided into single-slot, double-slot, tool, trash can, and shower tray from functions and sizes. Most of the material is made of stainless steel.

Third, decoration pipe fittings and electrical materials

Use less connectors and elbows in the conduits. Bend springs can be used where bending is required. The better brands in the plumbing are Jin De and Wei Xing. Some brands have quality guarantee time. The main pipe is to see the wall thickness.

Fourth, the functional partition decoration materials

[1] living room, bedroom

1. Decoration materials for building materials: floor tiles, paints, baseboards, floors, paints, plaster lines, laminate flooring, blockboards, gypsum boards, cedar, multi-layer boards, single-press boards, fire boards, nails, wooden wires, Doors, legs, aluminum plastic buckle (focus);

2. Lighting decoration materials: main lights, spotlights, floor lamps;

3. Fabric decoration materials: curtains;

4. Hardware decoration materials: curtain rails, door locks, door stoppers, hinges, switch panels, power sockets, TV sockets, air conditioning sockets, telephone sockets, and wires (R15\R25\R4);


1. Building materials decoration materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceilings, cabinets;

2. Lighting decoration materials: main lights, spotlights, cabinet lights;

3. Electrical decoration materials: cookers, hoods;

4. Hardware decoration materials: sink, sink faucet, floor drain, hinge, switch panel, power socket, angle valve, cooker

[3], bathroom

1. Building materials decoration materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceilings;

2. Lighting decoration materials: main lights, spotlights;

3. Electrical decoration materials: ventilation fan, Yuba;

4. Sanitary ware decoration materials: washbasins, countertops, MT, mirror;

5. Hardware decoration materials: racks, bath faucets, switch panels, power outlets, angle valves, showers, faucets for basins, drains, sheathing lines;


Renovation house budget

1. Direct costs

In the actual renovation, it involves direct costs, direct costs, and actually includes materials, equipment accessories, freight and labor costs, etc. For these costs, in the actual consumption, according to the market Transparent quotes are estimated. So it is easy to know the specific price in this area.

2. Decoration contracting materials cost

According to professionals, in the actual renovation, if it is the users themselves to provide the actual materials and equipment, then the capital of each project should be budgeted out, and then the total price will be added. This is the final total. Cost. To give you an example, in the actual renovation, if the latex paint material fee plus labor costs 15 yuan per square meter, the need for renovation of an area of ​​150 square meters, then the final project's unit price is equivalent to 2250 yuan.

3. Decoration material costs

Before the home improvement, everyone must know that when the actual decoration, the cost of the specific decoration of the material is how much, and then based on the actual material price, conduct a number of comparisons, after the price came, it is the actual decoration price. The cost of the specific decoration process, if you do not know much about this area, you can consult the professional decoration people, they will give you a detailed introduction.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: Buying the main material product is naturally going to visit the home building materials market. However, in the market with numerous categories and brands, consumers have to travel all over the city to shop around and make choices. Professionals remind everyone that in today's market, different decoration companies, in the actual decoration, the cost is not the same, I hope you choose carefully when choosing a good company, good decoration effect, low decoration costs .

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