New upgrade method for purslane planting

Whether it is flat planting or impotence planting, the purslane usually has a seeding groove of 20~25 cm wide and 2~3 cm deep. The distance between the ditch and the ditch is 30 cm. When sowing, in order to spread the seeds evenly, dry fine sand should be added to the seeds and evenly spread for spreading. After sowing, you can suppress it slightly without covering the soil. If the soil is dry, spray a new high-fat film 600 times with a sprinkling pot. Open field cultivation should be sown at temperatures above 20 °C. When the seedlings grow to 15 cm, the seedlings are started and the weeds are removed, and the plant spacing is kept at 9-10 cm. After the seedlings are fixed, a small amount of urea is applied in time and water is poured. In the future, according to the growth situation, the topdressing should be carried out as appropriate. Every time the fertilizer is chased, it is necessary to water it in time. Always apply new high-fat film to keep the field moist and remove weeds in time. Pay attention to watering on dry days and pay attention to drainage and flood prevention in rainy days.

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