Old wall brush latex paint: this is professional

The old wall has been used for many years, and the wall peeling off or the wall dirt has appeared, making the whole space appear old. At this time, the wall needs to be repainted. Let's let the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian to introduce the relevant knowledge of the old wall surface latex paint !


Steps to brush the latex paint:

1. Clean up the old wall surface: Before re-painting the old paint on the old wall surface, it is generally necessary to treat the oil stain, floating ash, hollow drum or crack on the old wall surface, remove the floating ash, remove the sanding and lifting the skin, etc. For the part of the oil stain, the original coating should be removed first. If it can not be removed, it should be thoroughly cleaned, the wall surface cleaned up, and then scraped with putty.

2. Putty putty: It is better to use putty with higher fineness and hard texture, or add certain white latex in putty to improve the hardness of putty. The flatness of the wall surface is good, and the two sides of the putty can be scraped. The flatness is poor, and the surface can be scraped several times.

3. Grinding: Grind the wall surface with fine sandpaper as much as possible. If the sandpaper is too thick, it is easy to leave a deep sand mark. When painting, it can't cover it. After the sanding is completed, the wall should be thoroughly cleaned to reduce dust and facilitate the bonding of the latex paint and the wall.

4. Priming: The wall primer is very important. Especially for the old wall refreshing, if the painted wall surface is easy to foam and mold, the color of the wall will be easy to change after a long time. When brushing the primer, be sure to brush it evenly to ensure that every part of the wall is brushed. The choice of the roller is also very important when brushing the primer. The bad roller coating effect is poor, which will directly affect the topcoat effect.

5. Repair: After finishing the primer, you can obviously see that there are some pits left after the putty is finished. At this time, it needs to be repaired. When repairing, be sure to polish it, and then brush it with a little more water. In order to avoid the difference in the amount of draught with other walls, there is a color difference.


6. Topcoat: Choose a good roller when painting. Note that the roller should not be too short, but it must be fine. Do not add excessive amounts of water to the paint. Excessive water will affect the film thickness, feel and hardness of the paint film. When painting, pay more attention to the corners of the wall, the indirect part of each roll and the direction of the painting, to ensure that the paint film is fine.

7. Maintenance: After 4 hours, the painted latex paint will gradually dry out. In the next 7-10 days, try not to touch and scrub the wall surface to make the paint film reach a certain hardness.

The above is the knowledge of the brushing latex paint introduced by everyone in the decoration home decoration network. However, in the process of painting, in addition to paying attention to the steps, it is also necessary to pay attention to the ventilation problem, strengthen the ventilation effect, and live comfortably after painting. . For more related knowledge, please pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia section!

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