Do not talk about mass by weight

Mistakes in safe purchase: Do not talk about the quality of weight Some friends think that the safer (counter) is heavier! This is not the case.
First of all, if it is made of steel plate, the quality of the locks and accessories is almost the same, it is certainly the heavier the better! On the contrary, if you take a ratio between a safe with a cement inside and a steel, it is very likely that you will put cement on it. Say that the customer is buying insurance and buying it with confidence! Instead of buying a cement mortar wrapped in a thin metal sheet.
Again, to buy a safe (cabinet) is different in style, there must also be a difference in weight, consumers should buy a size and style suitable for their own choice, rather than just pay attention to weight, such as the ground if the floor is installed, Heavy safes can easily crush the floor.
Third, when safes are becoming more and more at home, the weight is no longer the most important factor for safes, and the weight may be half that of the original safes, and the ability to withstand attacks is several times higher than before. Therefore, the quality of the overall performance can measure the quality of the product better than a pure weight index.
Therefore, consumers have to correctly measure quality when choosing a safe, in order to get out of the buying error and purchase products that are truly suitable for them.

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