How to align the pump coupling

Pump and motor coupling shaft connected to the two centers of rotation should be strictly concentric, the coupling must be accurately installed in the correct alignment, or in the coupling will be Cause great stress, and will seriously affect the shaft, bearings and other parts of the axis of the normal work, and even cause the entire machine and the foundation of the vibration or damage. Therefore, the pump coupling is to find the installation and maintenance process is an important part of the work. Coupling to find out is the case of offset analysis When installing a new pump, the coupling between the end face and the vertical axis can not be checked, but when installing the old pump, be sure to carefully check and found not vertical After adjusting the vertical alignment. Under normal circumstances, you may encounter the following four situations. 1) S1 = S2, a1 = a2 Both ends of the backrest wheel are in the correct position both parallel and concentric, when the two axes must be in a straight line. 2) S1 = S2, a1 ≠ a2 Both ends of the backrest wheel are parallel but the axes are not concentric. In this case, there is a parallel radial displacement e = (a2-a1) / 2 between the two axes. 3) S1 ≠ S2, a1 = a2 Although both ends of the backrest wheel are concentric but not parallel, there is an angular displacement α between the two axes. 4) S1 ≠ S2, a1 ≠ a2 Both ends of the backrest wheel are neither concentric nor parallel, and there is both radial displacement e and angular displacement α between the two axes. Coupling in the first case is that we are looking for the state is committed to achieve the state, and the second, third and fourth state are not correct, we need to make adjustments to achieve the first case. When installing the equipment, first install the slave (pump) so that its axis is at a horizontal position and then install the master (motor). Therefore, you only need to adjust the master when looking up, that is, when the master (motor) The following adjustment method to adjust the mat surface. Find timing measurement adjustment method The following mainly introduces two measurement adjustment methods commonly used in the maintenance process, according to the different measurement tools can be divided into: 1) the use of blade-shaped and feeler to measure the different coupling and the use of wedge-shaped gap rail Or feeler gauge to measure the non-parallelism of coupling end faces. This method is suitable for low speed, low precision equipment with elastic connection. 2) The use of dial indicator and table or special tool to find a tool for measuring the two concentric and non-parallel coupling, this method is suitable for high speed, rigid coupling and high precision rotating equipment. Note: 1) When using feeler gauge and knife-shaped ruler, the surface of the radial end of the coupling should be smooth, rust-free and burr-free. 2) In order to see the blade-shaped light, it is best to use a flashlight. 3) For the final measurement, the motor anchor bolts should be completely tightened without any looseness. 4) When using special tools to find the correct mark, make the same mark. In order to avoid the error of measurement data increase, the back wheel should be divided into 4-8 points in order to get accurate data. 5) Make an important part of making corrections. (Editor: Sea of ​​clouds) Extended reading: 2016 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition pump valve pipe fittings exhibition information 2016 Exhibition 2016 Xiamen Industry Fair

tetrabromobisphenol a Basic Information
Product Name: Tetrabromobisphenol A
CAS: 79-94-7
MF: C15H12Br4O2
MW: 543.87
EINECS: 201-236-9
Mol File: 79-94-7.mol

Tetrabromobisphenol A Structure

Tetrabromobisphenol A

Tetrabromobisphenol A Chemical Properties
Melting point 178-181 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 316 °C
density 2.1
storage temp. 2-8°C
solubility Insoluble
form neat

Tetrabromobisphenol A CAS No.79-94-7

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