Introduction of propiconazole control objects and methods

To achieve the peak season of the use of fungicides , but there are so many biocide products on the market, how to choose? Propiconazole is a triazole fungicide, often used in the way of leaf spot, blight and Let's take a look at the various diseases such as anthrax.

Leaf spot

In the early stage of the disease, it is best to spray with 25% emulsifiable concentrate 500~1000 times, with an interval of 21~28 days. According to the development of the disease, continuous spraying can be considered 2 times: or 2 times with 25% emulsifiable concentrate, spraying at the early stage of the disease, spraying 2 to 3 times at intervals of 14 days.


If it is used for protective control before the onset of the disease, it can be sprayed with 25% emulsifiable concentrate 2000 times; if it is used for therapeutic control of anthrax (in the mid-onset), spray with 25% emulsifiable concentrate 2000 times, the interval can be up to 30 days; or Spray with 25% EC at 2000 times in the early stage of the disease.


In the watermelon expansion period, spray with 25% emulsifiable concentrate 4000 times.

powdery mildew

In the early stage of the disease, spray with 5% of 25% emulsifiable concentrate.

Sheath blight

In the early stage of the disease, use 25% emulsifiable concentrate 30~40mL/667m2, spray 40~50L on water; spray medium 1000 times in the middle stage of the disease. The amount of water sprayed is not less than 60mL/667m2, the tractor is not less than 10mL/667m2, and the aircraft is not less than 1~2L/667m2 sprayed evenly on the stem base of the crop.

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