It is also good to relieve the herbicide phytotoxicity

Everyone knows that brassinolide is a plant growth regulator that can quickly improve the quality of agricultural products and achieve a significant increase in crop yield. So do you know what other effects of brassinolide? Is the herbicide in relieving herbicides ? The effect of the damage is also good, let's follow it with Xiaobian.

1. Brassinolide relieves glyphosate phytotoxicity

Glyphosate has strong systemic conductivity and inhibits the formation of amino acids such as phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan by inhibiting phosphate synthase in plants, causing serious interference with protein synthesis. Crops produce diseases. The application of brassinolide to relieve crop diseases can accelerate the synthesis of amino acids in the body to compensate for the loss of amino acids due to phytotoxicity, to meet the needs of crop growth, thereby reducing the phytotoxicity until normal growth is resumed, and tillering and panicle differentiation are resumed.

2. Brassinolide relieves 2,4-D phytotoxicity

Herbicide 2,4-D is a phenoxycarboxylic acid hormone-based selective herbicide, safe for wheat, wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, but extremely sensitive to cotton of two-leaf plants, when 2,4-D spray After being on cotton plants and leaves, it passes through the stratum corneum and cell membrane, and finally to each part, which has different effects on the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in different parts. Time experience has shown that brassinolide can mobilize various eugenic potentials of cotton plants, rapidly coordinate various endogenous hormone levels in the body, repair various mechanisms of nucleic acid and protein synthesis, and restore normal growth.

3. Brassinolide relieves the residual phytotoxicity of amphetsulfuron

The herbicide tritsulfuron is an organic heterocyclic herbicide with good killing effect on grass weeds and dicotyledon weeds in rape fields. However, phenylsulfonamide is relatively stable and has a long period of misuse, which directly affects the cultivation of sensitive crops. After the application of brassinolide, the metabolism of the crop is coordinated to promote metabolism and restore the amino acid function of the plant. Coordinate the physiological activities of various parts until normal growth and alleviate the phytotoxicity of amphetsulfuron.

What is the mechanism of action of brassinolide to remove herbicides?

Experiments have shown that the use of epiduric lactone can not only reduce the amount of herbicide absorbed in the plant, but also increase the chlorophyll content in the plant. In the course of use, if applied first, the effect of controlling herbicides will be better; if it is used after herbicide damage, it has better effect of relieving herbicides.

Method for removing herbicide from brassinolide

0.01% brassinolide 5g, 1 bag of fresh milk, 300g of glucose (the effect will be better), sprayed with 15kg of water.

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