Three development trends of high-end office furniture in the future


In the international situation of "environmental protection first", and people's increasing demands on the working environment, "green and health" has become the development trend of modern high-end office furniture . In the future, high-end office workers will have the following major development trends:


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Trend 1: the artistic environment of the office.


In the past, office furniture had a single color and a fixed style. It was just for the basic purpose of the office, and rarely considered aesthetics and comfort. In recent years, office furniture can also be designed to be full of personality and artistic atmosphere. Kang Ting said: "Furniture-style office furniture is changing the stereotype of people's single-color office space and fixed layout, allowing more professionals to seek more freedom and inspiration in a personalized office environment."


Trend 2: "Green and environmental protection" conforms to international trends and trends


Woxi Trading, where Kang Ting is located, has been committed to the vigorous promotion of green office furniture products . The supplier selected by Woxi Trading must also be a multinational enterprise that realizes green production. In terms of its own materials, green furniture uses green materials, which will not pose a threat to the health of users; at the same time, during the production process of green furniture, the design of the production link through the "green factory" avoids the Producer's health and environmental damage. Kang Ting said that the development of green production not only protects the health interests of consumers, but also plays a role in environmental protection.


Trend 3: Office furniture meets health needs


In front of a workbench, Kang Ting demonstrated and introduced: "The height of this workbench can be adjusted freely, and a healthy working mode of" sit and stand "can be achieved through the touch control system. Now many white-collar workers in post positions are sitting The main posture of their work. This office furniture can make these people healthier. This office furniture not only makes employees feel healthier, but also greatly improves work efficiency. " Under the background of the era when the post-90s generation gradually became the backbone of the workplace, humanized and intelligent design will be valued and favored, which is an important trend in the development of the high-end furniture market.


Beautiful, healthy, and environmentally friendly-depicts a beautiful picture of modern office furniture. I believe that future office furniture can not only make work more comfortable and healthy, but also let us see more power to protect the environment.


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