Home e-commerce is the future trend, online and offline integration is the key

The reshuffle of the home furnishing industry has become a foregone conclusion, so which ones will be the first to be eliminated? In the past 2013, the home furnishing store joined hands with merchants to warm up. The home furnishing industry focused on overall adjustment and integration, and some well-known brands have entered the second and third tier cities. .

Home e-commerce is the future trend

In the United States, except for Amazon and the e-commerce platforms ranked ninth and tenth below are created by pure Internet companies, from the second to the eighth are traditional commercial enterprises, which is very different from China . In 2013, Suning.com broke the situation of pure Internet companies dominated by Tmall and JD.com, allowing us to see the successful transformation of traditional enterprises to e-commerce companies.

E-commerce is the general trend. It is predicted that in 2015, China will become the world's largest online shopping market, with a market size of 2.4 trillion yuan; in 2020, it is expected to increase by three times than it is now, and traditional enterprises will be late if they do not take action. Home e-commerce is the future trend. Although home e-commerce started relatively late, there is a lot of space.

After 2010, more and more traditional brands began to enter the e-commerce industry, including Quanyou, Actual Home, Red Star Macalline and other stores. Many traditional home brands began to try e-commerce. The home furnishing industry originally had an unknown brand called Lin's Wood, but now it has become the first brand of Internet home furnishing. It has been the No. 1 sales brand for five consecutive years in Taobao. In 2013, the sales of the entire network on Double Eleven reached 160 million.

The success of Lin's wood industry comes from three aspects: the first is the first-mover advantage. In 2007, Lin's wood industry started to create a store. At that time, Taobao did not have a home store; the second aspect is e-commerce The operation of Lin's Wood Industry Group is completely based on the characteristics of e-commerce. On the one hand, they organize the products of the factory, on the one hand, a small e-commerce team operates and promotes on the network. Consumer behavior is done in a habitual way, doing video marketing, doing Weibo, doing forums, and now also doing WeChat.

The other is Melaleuca, a home platform that is emerging with the help of online opportunities. At the beginning, it also relied on Taobao to start the company. Later, it gradually separated from Taobao, started its own shopping mall, and expanded its platform from a small category of furniture to the current situation of home stores. Merlot adopts the O2O mode of operation, combining online traffic with offline experience, offline transactions, and services. Since 2011, 262 experience centers have been established to date, and sales are almost every month. The amount is more than 100 million.

Online and offline integration is the key

But exposure to e-commerce is not a simple matter. For traditional enterprises, e-commerce is very lethal. If it is not done well, it will be electrocuted. The Li Ning company is an example. In 2008, Li Ning started to formally open a store on Taobao. The results were good and achieved 200 million sales. The 200 million sales have helped the release of Li Ning ’s inventory, but the subsequent results have not Unhappy view. Due to the lack of long-term e-commerce strategic planning, Li Ning ’s online sales caused serious conflicts between online and offline channels. This conflict caused Li Ning ’s offline channels to be devastated in 2012, and many stores were closed. .

When home furnishing companies are considering doing e-commerce, they are also worried that this will happen to Li Ning. Because the online and offline business models have become a huge conflict of interest, and this conflict is irreconcilable, when the future home furnishing e-commerce, the entire industry will face the problem of how to resolve channel conflicts.

In response to this, some traditional home furnishing brands often adopt two strategies to resolve channel conflicts when entering e-commerce: one is brand segmentation, and the other is product segmentation. This is what Qumei Furniture Group does. Qumei established its own official mall on Taobao, and at the same time established a brand called Qu Miao. Both Qu Mei and Qu Second use the development of e-commerce to set up product segmentation, online What is sold is different from what is sold offline. At the same time, they also made a brand distinction, so that others know that what is sold online is actually Quiao, and Quiao products are not distributed offline. In addition, Qumei Furniture Group has also made good use of collaboration to solve the problem of Qusecond's service, combining online traffic with offline experience, and choosing some of the products sold online and offline at the same price among its products. , Bringing customers from online to offline, but also bringing customers to offline experience stores without causing impact on offline business.

The key to the success of home e-commerce in the future is to solve two problems: one is the problem of channel conflicts, and the other is the ability of e-commerce. When the problem of channel conflicts is solved, the enterprise will not harm the original business interests and the original business model; after solving the problem of e-commerce capabilities, the enterprise can establish products by means of conforming to the behavior of online consumers and online marketing. The ability to sell to users. The O2O model of online and offline integration in the home furnishing industry will be an inevitable choice and inevitable path for the home furnishing industry to conduct e-commerce. Offline experience stores will become a lot of experience sites for home furnishing online sales, as well as logistics distribution, after-sales service venues, and online malls will bring more customers to the home industry sales, will make more Many home sales companies can greatly shorten the distance between them and customers, thereby achieving the convenience of user communication.

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