Redwood enterprises must adjust their business ideas


China's traditional cultural industry has great potential for development. However, as one of China's traditional cultural industries, the mahogany furniture industry is not mature enough at present, the business management ideas are conservative, the industry chain level and the degree of industrial clustering are relatively low, and the phenomena of crude manufacturing and substandard filling still exist, becoming obstacles to the development of the industry.


In order to meet the development needs of the redwood industry, industrial upgrading is imminent. The so-called industrial upgrade is to shift from the current industrial structure upgrade to a more profitable and profitable industrial structure. In order to meet the needs of the market, enterprises must adjust their business ideas, and sincere management and focus on innovation will also become the development direction of enterprises.


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Enterprises must adjust their business ideas


Most of the redwood enterprises are still in the state of "the rich is safe", the market positioning is not clear, and the long-term development has not been considered. Shanghai's mahogany furniture enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are still stuck in a step-by-step production and operation status. There is no long-term development goal. The bosses of the Redwood Enterprise are mostly craftsmen. When they have orders on hand, they devote themselves wholeheartedly to production. There is no real thinking from the perspective of a boss.


The boss's task is to build corporate culture and make strategic decisions. Although as long as the boss masters the financial, production and sales conditions, the enterprise will not have major problems, but the small and medium-sized redwood enterprises need long-term development, and they really need a little passion and courage. , Because industry competition is faster than speed. Such as the Li Ning brand, which used to be the "first brand" in the sportswear industry, but now its market ranking has declined significantly. The main reason is that the market positioning is inaccurate, and the company has enabled the financial controller to manage the enterprise. Although the operating cost is well controlled, the development rate is relatively slow, and it has been seized by the rapidly developing companies such as Nike, Anta, and Xtep.


"Shangdao reward letter" calls for honest operation


Today's society calls for honest operation, and the loss of honesty will be severely punished. Da Vinci will be the best example, a brand that has been painstakingly managed for more than ten years collapsed instantly. The mahogany furniture products still exist inferiorly, falsely, and indiscriminately, which has become an obstacle to the development of the industry. In order to establish a high-end furniture brand, it must be genuine and honest. Only by doing so can consumers' worries be dispelled and purchases can be assured, so that the mahogany furniture industry can develop healthily. After the Da Vinci incident, the Shanghai Redwood Enterprise issued a joint statement to convince consumers to buy with confidence: all consumers purchase products and sign a formal contract. The origin and material of the product are clearly stated. If adulteration is found, a penalty will be imposed. ten.


"Business Model" Innovation


The development of the society is changing rapidly, and the innovation and development of the industry will become the primary thinking of the bosses. Lu Xiongwen, Dean of School of Management, Fudan University, said: There are two types of innovation, one is "technological innovation" and the other is "business model innovation". Technological innovation requires long-term capital investment and accumulation of a large number of technical resources. SMEs do not have technology reserves, R & D capabilities and conditions, and technology R & D requires time and capital, which are not available to SMEs. Therefore, SMEs are more suitable for "business model" innovation. Because the purpose of business survival is to create value. As production capacity increases, in order to achieve a balance between supply and demand, an innovative "business model" is very important. At present, the established "business model" includes manufacturer alliance, exhibition promotion, auction, matching sales (buy one get one free), joint sales in the same club, word-of-mouth marketing, etc. In addition to the above, with the development of society, many business models will be developed.


In short, sticking to the adjustment of business ideas, operating with integrity, and focusing on the principles of innovation, we can certainly complete a great cause with simple and sustainable development.


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