Children's furniture market "money" power unlimited consumption will increase trillions in five years


Since the country ’s second child was launched, this is undoubtedly a huge consumer market, and children ’s furniture bears the brunt. It is estimated that children ’s household consumption will bring trillions of growth in the next five years. The "money" power of the children's furniture market is unlimited.


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Children's household consumption will increase by trillions in five years


Mumen Home Furnishings has a series of children's and teenagers' homes specially designed for children of different ages. With the development trend of the market in the future, it will continue to cater to consumer demand for product development and design.


"There are more than 300 million children under the age of 16 in our country, accounting for about 1/4 of the national population. Then the second child policy is implemented, the child base continues to increase, and the children's home market has great potential for development." Zhu Changling, vice chairman of China Furniture Association . No wonder that home furnishing companies and stores attach so much importance to the children's home furnishing market. It turns out that the children's market contains huge business opportunities. As everyone knows, the history of the development of children's home is not long, even after the 1980s, they did not have the special treatment of childhood home.


According to the survey, children's furniture was not developed as an independent industry until early 2000. Although Chinese furniture companies are not deeply involved, they have always locked their eyes on the Chinese children's furniture market, looking forward to exploring China's huge potential purchasing power of children's furniture brands , and failing to fully penetrate the Chinese market. Nowadays, children are the absolute center of almost every Chinese family, and the traditional concept of "no child can be miserable" is deeply ingrained in Chinese minds, so anyone with a little financial strength will not be Save on children's expenses.


Children's household consumption will increase by trillions in five years


The full implementation of the separate second child policy is imminent, and signs of fetal movement in the children's home market are emerging. According to predictions by relevant parties, after the full implementation of the separate second child policy, China is expected to add 7.5 million newborns within five years, which will boost the trillion-dollar consumption in the children's home furnishing market. This is definitely a huge business opportunity for the children's furniture industry, and the children's wooden door industry will be one of the benefits.


According to industry analysts, from the perspective of sales of children's wooden doors in recent years, parents are increasingly willing to spend large amounts on products that help children's healthy growth. With the economic effects of the latest fertility policy, children's products account for the entire household industry Market share will increase.


With the promotion of the New Deal, coupled with the entry of international home furnishing brands into China's children's furniture industry, the competition of children's wooden doors in channels and brands will also intensify. A person in the industry believes that although the children's wooden door furniture market is very attractive, compared with ordinary households, children's households have higher requirements on production technology, safety and environmental protection, and at the same time, they must fully consider children's physical and psychological needs.


From the perspective of children's health, especially newly born babies, especially need a wooden door for children with environmental protection, safety and convenience, and growing children also need a wooden door for environmental protection, health and safety. In this regard, experts suggest that in the face of the current status of the wooden door industry, wooden door companies can create wooden door brands with children as the main consumer, and study wooden doors suitable for children and the elderly, as a turning point in the healthy development of the children's home market.


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