How is the red light captured?

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Driving to pay attention to safety, but many people just do not pay attention to traffic rules, do you know how to capture red light?
How is the red light captured?
How to capture the red light
1. The electronic eye uses the sensing line to sense the pressure from the car on the road. The signal is collected by the sensor to the central processor, and the register is temporarily stored (the data is valid in a red light cycle);
2. In the same time interval (within the red light cycle), if two pulse signals are generated at the same time, it is regarded as “valid”. Simply put, if the red light is at the time, your head wheel is over the line, and then the wheel If there is no line, only one pulse is generated, and when there are no consecutive two pulses, no picture is taken;
3. Some situations are: Some people drive the front wheel over the line, afraid to be photographed, so he dumped the car and returned to the line. The result was still taken. What is the reason? Because it is tandem, A "one pair" pulse signal was generated (this pair of pulses was generated during the same red light cycle), and I was ranked n times because of this. However, most of the current JC's induction coils have a logic recognition function, which may not be captured.
4. When the yellow light is on, the camera system starts after 2s delay; when the red light is on, the system has started; when the green light is going to be on, the system is turned off 2s in advance, mainly to prevent accidental shooting. So many taxi drivers know that they can almost go, just like nothing. However, it is recommended that you do not do this because the timing is more difficult to grasp.
Post-processing: After the image is downloaded and transmitted to the command center, the image needs to be registered, numbered, and announced, and then transmitted to the central computer database for use by various agencies.
System features: Vehicle capture rate----100% (excluding two-wheeled motorcycles, etc.).
Recognition time ---- about 1 second (must be much faster than your reaction).
License plate recognition rate-----more than 95% during the day and more than 90% at night (higher).
Applicable speed ------ 5-180Km / h (if you open 190, it will not be able to shoot)
1. The principle of illegal TV capture
There are two ways, one is to embed the induction coil underground, the digital camera is set on the crossbar for capturing the red light, and the other is to set up the camera for real-time video recording of overspeed, red light, illegal parking, etc. Either way, at least three pictures will be taken for illegal vehicles, one is an instant violation picture, one is a number plate identification picture, and one is a panoramic picture. Either way, it is a 24-hour boot, and the picture retention time is usually one week.
2. Violation process
The command center receives the picture and compares the license plate number information with the information of the vehicle management office, thereby recalling the comprehensive information of the vehicle, such as the owner, model, color, etc., and then the information processing staff website.
In order to enable illegal owners to make inquiries.
3. Information loss problem
Not all illegal vehicles can be photographed. Only when the license plate picture is clear, the information input personnel can input the illegal vehicle into the database for processing.
4, shooting range:
A camera usually takes only one lane, and a few can take two lanes, usually located on the first and second lanes from left to right. Digital cameras have a wide range of shots, so most of the urban areas are able to capture all lanes in the same direction.
5, how to avoid being caught:
The first, and the safest, is not to violate the rules.
Second, pay attention to the road conditions. See the cross-bar on the front of the camera. You must not go.
Third, not recommended way, take the rightmost lane
(There is no digital camera in front).
Fourth, when you feel wrong, check on the website. If there is no notice within one week, the information is not processed, and you are OK.
However, I still advise you to be a safe rider. Whether it is your own or someone else's. Ning waits 3 points and does not grab 1 second.
At present, many places have set up electronic eyes, and they have seen that the company’s one car after another has received a penalty card. Here are the countermeasures found on the website:
The illegal photo taken by the electronic eye is stored in the memory card under the electronic eye, taken once every 3 days.
. Outsourced to a company, photos are sent to a company first, check whether the evidence of violations is sufficient (three photos are ready to be fully certified), and then submitted to the Traffic Management Bureau.
The first trick: You pay attention to see that there are diamond-shaped slots in the intersection of the electronic eye before and after the warning line, and the induction coil is buried inside.
. But you have to remember that the electronic eye will start three seconds after the red light is on!
Also, drive your pressure line, take the first one, no matter whether the front wheel and the rear wheel are over the line, don't move, don't move, you have to trigger the coil to take the second photo!
It takes three to be effective, and the rules of evidence for photography are like this. The general forensic photo is like this:
The first one is the front wheel over the warning line
The second is the rear wheel over the warning line
The third is that you have crossed the warning line at the opposite intersection to get the JC and then send you a fine notice.
So, it doesn't matter if you have passed the first round. It doesn't matter if you take the first one. If you don't move, you won't take the second one. If you move, trigger the second one, then you have a second round, then there is no problem. It’s important, you are not at the intersection, or you can stop outside the warning line at the opposite intersection! Besides, just the first front wheel was photographed, some people may think that it’s OK to go back, wrong, one retreat, Trigger another!! Oh!
The principle of being photographed with yellow light should be the same as that of the red light. The new traffic regulations say that when the yellow light is on, if any part of the vehicle crosses the stop line, the vehicle can continue to pass, and it can not be regarded as a yellow light.
But at the intersection, when the yellow light is on, the body is not over the warning line. Sometimes it is not good to judge.
So when the yellow light is on near the stop line at the intersection, pay attention to see if the car behind it stops to prevent the rear car from chasing the tail. If the car behind stops, stop the brakes near the stop line and remember to stop near the stop line even if the whole The car has passed the stop line. As long as you stop, you won't be photographed. Because you have three photos to judge the violation, you stopped and only took one or two photos.
This should effectively avoid violations
Or the speed of the car is somehow fast, accidentally open to the middle of the intersection, and drive the car to the green line outside the stop line of the opposite intersection.
Generally, most of the green lights will flash for about three seconds before they have enough time to judge.
The above is just for your reference, try not to smash red light, safety first.

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