What are the common air flotation methods?

According to the different methods of generating air bubbles, the air floatation method is divided into three categories: inflatable air floatation, dissolved air floatation and electrolytic air floatation. At present, there are few applications for electrolytic gas floatation. The first two are introduced here.

(1) Inflatable Floatation Inflatable Floatation is a method of dividing air mixed in water into small bubbles for flotation processing using mechanical shear force, also known as air flotation. According to the method of smashing bubbles, the inflated air-float is divided into several types: jet air-floatation, impeller air-floatation, and diffusion plate (tube) air-floatation.

(2) Dissolved air flotation method The dissolved air flotation method dissolves air in water under certain pressure and reaches supersaturation, and then suddenly lowers the pressure of the sewage. At this time, the air dissolved in the water is in the form of tiny bubbles. Escape from the water for flotation.

According to the difference in the pressure of the bubbles when they are separated from the water, the dissolved gas can be divided into two types: pressurized dissolved air floating and dissolved air vacuum floating. The former is dissolved in water under pressure and precipitated under atmospheric pressure; the latter is dissolved in water under normal pressure or under pressure and precipitated under negative pressure.

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