The furniture industry price hike will be raised again after the National Day

The National Day holiday has always been the peak season for furniture sales. During this holiday, there are many people who have married and decorated the house. This gold sales holiday furniture store is just around the corner. However, the desire to raise prices has begun to move! Due to the increase in the cost of raw materials and human resources, the news of furniture price increases was revealed in August. From the media reports, furniture price increases are imperative. Markets with early price increase reporters in the home building materials market, from time to time will encounter consumers who go to buy, they are mostly because of the need to get married or move to a new home. In the building materials home market, the reporter consulted the sales staff of several brands on the current sales situation of the home building materials market. Most sales people said that home building materials are necessary for marriage and new homes, coupled with the improvement of people's economic level, their sales. The market is not bad. The sales manager of a brand furniture told the reporter: "We are doing the brand, the quality is guaranteed, the old customers are bringing new customers, and the sales are also good. The monthly turnover is more than 100,000 yuan." In the upcoming National Day, merchants will carry out a series of preferential promotions in order to stimulate consumption. However, the reporter learned that some brand furniture has quietly raised prices, and a new round of price increases will be ushered in after the National Day. Ms. Li, a salesperson of a brand furniture, told reporters that the furniture in their store had already raised prices in early September. "After September 1st, the goods have already increased in price. A bed has risen by about 300 yuan, and the wardrobe has risen by about 500 yuan. After September, the furniture market will enter the peak season of sales. In fact, people who know this line will generally choose 4, look at the furniture in May, and then set it down, and then pick up the goods when you want, because it was the off-season of sales, the preferential margin is larger." Another salesperson also told reporters that their furniture prices in March and 8 this year The month has risen twice and is expected to increase after the National Day. After the golden nine silver or the price increase as a traditional sales season, this year's "Golden September and Silver 10" is an important time for the home business to sprint sales tasks, but it may also be the beginning of a new wave of price increases. Although many home furnishing companies have adjusted their product prices in the first half of this year, some industry insiders expect that the prices of wardrobes, custom furniture sheets, hardware and other products are likely to rise again at the end of this year. Although the heads of major home furnishing companies are currently refusing to answer questions about whether product prices will be raised again, some analysts pointed out that due to the sprint annual sales task, September and October will still be the key nodes for promotion. The possibility of price increases during the period is small. However, the "11" holiday may be the last round of low prices in the home industry. After that, it is very likely that major home brands will raise prices again. Yang Bo, chairman of Yuan Henry, has revealed in a home forum that after the "11", the price of red rosewood mahogany furniture will increase by 10%-15%.

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