Furniture market environmental certification chaos "green furniture" may not be green

“Green” has become an important issue for the public to consider when purchasing furniture and decoration materials. Many businesses are aware of this and have launched green and environmental protection cards. However, the reporter recently visited the home market and found that all kinds of labels that advertised green certification are nowadays, which makes people look at it. Are they reliable? Right is not authoritative? "Green furniture" is too smoked. The pollution of furniture should not be underestimated. After the house is renovated, it is a common practice for many citizens to stay in the air for a period of time. According to the survey of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association, furniture pollution has become a new problem of indoor environmental pollution after building pollution and decoration pollution, and has become one of the three major pollution sources affecting the indoor environment. Not long ago, Mr. Chen was preparing to change a new bed. In the past "11" holiday, he started a business when the business engaged in activities. Since he needs to use it directly when moving home, Mr. Chen also specially purchased a set of environmentally friendly furniture called “green”. But who knows, after using it for a week, he was "smoked" and got dizzy. Mr. Chen told reporters that he was fancy this pine wood bed and sold for 2,500 yuan. The salesperson said that this is pure solid wood furniture, if not the price during the event is 4,000 yuan. The salesperson also emphasized that the solid wood bed is certified by the green, ensuring that it is non-toxic and harmless, and points out the relevant labels on the bed frame. Seeing the business is so vowed, and the "green" label is right, Mr. Chen bought the bed back home. However, after a few days of sleep, Mr. Chen felt that the bed had been scented. When he communicated with the merchant, the other party said that this is the taste of pine wood and will disperse in a week or so. But now, he still feels awesome, and he is tortured when he sleeps. “How can this product be called 'green'?” At present, Mr. Chen and the merchants have no fruit to negotiate, and he is prepared to make a complaint to the relevant departments. Miscellaneous labels "Fog in the flowers" Green certification spend money to buy reporters visited a number of home stores in Shanghai found that businesses are fighting for green cards. In Jinsheng Home on Tongchuan Road, a salesperson selling sofas promised to the reporter: “All the materials here are qualified and green.” When asked to see the environmental test certificate, the salesperson took out a photocopying certificate. The plastic film is plasticized on the outside, but the certification unit on the certificate is very vague. Another salesperson selling mattresses told reporters that the environmental certification of the product is attached to the back of the manual and sealed in the packaging of the mattress. If the mattress is not purchased, the certificate cannot be seen. Even if the furniture is labeled with eco-friendly labels, or the merchant can provide a green certificate, the labels are different in shape and style, and the certification body is dazzling. The reporter found that several brands of furniture are labeled with "excellent environmental products" and "green" labels. Some labels are round, some are made of leaves, and others are square. According to the sales staff, these products are qualified by the relevant departments, and the certification materials are also presented. However, the reporter found that the certification bodies are different, including China International Green Environmental Management Committee, China Light and Light Product Quality Assurance Center, and China Green Environmental Protection Development Center. The reporter learned that these "no-name" green labels, certification bodies are mostly civil organizations, and some certificates can be bought even if they spend money. "There are hundreds of environmental certification institutions in China, some of which have a registered capital of only 3 million yuan, and the threshold is very low." A person in charge of a furniture company told reporters that the environmental certification provided by some institutions is definitely not reliable. ". He told reporters that some companies are self-made, some are bought by money, and some are issued by institutions that do not have certification. At present, in the aspect of furniture environmental protection certification, the state does not have mandatory regulations, but adopts the principle of voluntariness. Therefore, the environmental protection certification in the furniture market is relatively confusing. The most authoritative purchase of the "10-ring mark" needs to see the test report. The expert said that the current highest standard of environmental protection in China is the China Environmental Label (commonly known as the Ten-Circle Mark), which is a green certification authorized by the State Environmental Protection Administration. The only authority issued by the government is the highest authority for environmentally friendly products. To obtain this mark, enterprises must pass the highest specification product certification of the State Environmental Protection Administration Environmental Certification Center, which is composed of representatives from 11 ministries and commissions such as the State Environmental Protection Administration and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The state expressly stipulates that only products that pass the "10-ring certification" can be called "green products." In addition, the more authoritative environmental certification of the domestic furniture industry is China's quality environmental product certification (CQC), and the products that have obtained CQC certification have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm and resource conservation. The reporter was informed that the domestic environmental protection standards are mainly for the detection of "formaldehyde emission", "heavy metal content", "VOC content", "benzene" and other chemical substances. Xu Guanrong, secretary-general of the Shanghai Furniture Industry Association, said that at present, China's mandatory standards stipulate that the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture products should be ≤1.5 mg/L. Many enterprises are all referring to the “green products”. Even some corporate plates are not up to standard, in order to reduce costs, buy inferior plates. It is understood that the environmentally friendly sheet of formaldehyde is low in content but relatively high in cost. Compared with inferior sheet, the difference between each piece ranges from 60 to 100 yuan. However, even the use of green building materials can not guarantee the elimination of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Although the company has the certification standard for the plate, if the inspection is not strict in the production process, it cannot guarantee that it is environmentally friendly. “The formaldehyde content of furniture exceeds the standard, which is mainly produced during the processing.” Xu Guanrong reminded consumers that “in addition to the formaldehyde content of plates, glues and paints, the formaldehyde content of furniture will exceed the standard. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, it is necessary to watch The inspection report of finished furniture. It is reported that the AQSIQ has tested 85 wood furniture manufacturers across the country, and found that enterprises with excessive formaldehyde accounted for 76.9%, the highest exceeding the standard 116 times.

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