Identify the seven tricks of Jin Sinan

For those who like to collect, "Golden Nanmu" should be a heavyweight word. The roots of the golden nanmu tree are basically the same thickness and the tree is small. The wood part is generally yellow, golden yellow with a light fragrance. The texture is fine, hard and wear-resistant. The shavings have faint bright silk and bright spots. The shavings are bright even if no paint is added. The millennium is not rotted, and the millennium is not deformed. It is the biggest advantage of the golden nanmu. GO Jiaju Hefei Home Network Xiaobian this sentence to tell you how to identify the golden nanmu.

Golden nanmu furniture

Identification 1: The biggest characteristic of the golden nanmu is the strong corrosion resistance. It can be rotted in the soil for thousands of years, so most of the emperor's coffins are made of golden nanmu.

Identification 2: The scent of Phoebe bournei has the fragrance of Phoebe bournei. This aroma can repel mosquitoes and worms. Modern experiments have also proved that Phoebe chinensis can resist the erosion of wood rot fungi and termites. In addition, the anti-sea life of the sapwood is also highly corrosive, so the royal bookcases of the past must be made of nanmu wood.

Identification 3: The texture of golden nanmu is fine and beautiful, exquisite and unusual, the texture is warm and soft, the new cut surface is yellowish brown with green color and strong luster. The most obvious feature is that it emits golden light under the light, but it is quiet and innocent, quiet and low-key.

Identification 4: The golden wood is mild, the winter is not cold, the summer is not hot, it does not hurt the body, and other hardwood furniture does not have this excellent characteristic, so the palace is often used to make tables, arhat beds, cabinets and The bookshelf can also be used to decorate cabinet doors or make stationery.

Identification 5: Because the texture of the golden nanmu is not easily deformed, the phenomenon of warping is rare, the wood has small expansion and contraction and moderate hardness, and the nail force is quite good.

Identification 6: The objects made of golden nanmu are beautifully shaped and do not have a hard feeling. Jinsi Nanmu furniture pays attention to wood color, that is, it does not paint or wax, because the color of the golden nanmu will be black after painting and waxing, and the original color will be lost.

Identification 7: The furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties made of golden silk wood is plain, soft and tough, and the temperament is simple and elegant.

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