Sandalwood actually has new and old points

Laoshan Sandalwood and Johor Bahru have a great difference in texture, which is reflected in the price of goods, and the difference is even greater. For beginners, it is necessary to know how to distinguish between Laoshan Sandalwood and Johor Bahru and the identification of Indian Sandalwood.

Sandalwood has the distinction of Laoshan Sandalwood and Johor Bahru, but how to define Laoshan Sandalwood to distinguish Laoshan Sandalwood and Johor Bahru, the industry has always been controversial. Let GO Jiaju Hefei Home Network Xiaobian come to tell you.


Some people think that Laoshan Sandalwood refers to the top sandalwood produced in India. In order to distinguish it from the sandalwood produced in Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Ceylon, etc., the Indian sandalwood is directly called Laoshan Sandalwood. The sandalwood produced in the countries of the South Pacific is collectively known as Johor Bahru. But for most people, Laoshan Sandalwood has no special geographical indications, but refers to sandalwood that has been aged for more than sixty years and has been cut and converted for decades.

Because sandalwood has just been cut down, although the fragrance is fresh, but the taste is more intense, and even a little bit of spicy pungent, it is unbearable. After the Chen Fang, the aromatic oil in the sandalwood has been transformed, the aroma has become thick and mellow, and the scent of the scent is smashed into the musculoskeletal body, which makes people feel refreshed and refreshed, so they are deeply loved by people.

India's Laoshan sandalwood is recognized by the industry as a sandalwood top grade. The price is high and the quantity is scarce. An Indian sandalwood wood carving is tens of thousands of yuan. However, due to the excessive deforestation of the old sandalwood in India, the resources were so scarce that the Indian government restricted the export of sandalwood, so that Johor Bahru accounted for most of the market. In addition, in addition to Xinshan Tan, there are still a few Dongjia sandalwoods on the market.

Discrimination method

In general, the identification of Laoshan Sandalwood and Johor Bahru is mainly related to the distinction between wood grain and smell.

The growth cycle of sandalwood is very long and often takes decades to become a material. The surface of the wood is brownish yellow, rich in oil, and has a slight fluorescence after grinding. As the time of the aging increases, the color of the wood will deepen day by day, and finally a reddish brown or even dark brown. Therefore, the industry divides Laoshan sandalwood into yellow meat, red meat and black meat, which mark different stages of aging.

In addition, due to the solid and solid material, the longer the age of the sandalwood, the deeper the color of the heart of the tree, the lighter the annual ring of the tree, and the less obvious the wood grain. Therefore, it is a reliable and practical method to identify whether it is Laoshan Sandalwood, whether the color of the heart of the tree and the wood grain of the annual ring are clear.

In terms of scent, India's Laoshan Sandalwood has a clear distinction between Laoshan Sandalwood and Indonesian Laoshan Sandalwood. In addition to smelling wood, it can be distinguished by burning wood powder, which makes the sensory experience more intuitive.

For example, Indonesian Laoshan Sandalwood burns with a powdery fragrance, similar to the taste of the children's summer scorpion powder, sucking sniffingly, with a slight sweetness; Australia's Laoshan sandalwood burning after the aroma is soft and soft, microstrip Rose scent, long-scented smell is slightly sour; Indian scented sandalwood has a mild and mellow aroma, not thick or light, stretches like silk, consistent and lasting, and has a Zen that is enough to cleanse the heart, making people feel relaxed It is steady and refreshing.

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