The meaning of the safety interval of pesticides

The safety interval refers to the shortest time between the last use of pesticides and the harvest of agricultural products. During this period, the toxic substances of most pesticides will gradually degrade due to factors such as photosynthesis, and pesticide residues will meet safety standards and will not cause human health. harm.
The safety interval between different pesticides or the same pesticide applied to different crops is different. When using pesticides, farmers must observe the safety intervals of pesticides indicated on the pesticide label and the maximum number of doses per season to ensure the safe use of agricultural products. After the interval period is not harvested, the number of application and the amount of application should not be increased arbitrarily to prevent pesticide residues in agricultural products from exceeding the standard.
Note: In the orchard, the last spray and harvest must be greater than the safety interval to prevent human and animal poisoning.

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