Tooling Times Change

"People are clothes horses are saddles." Speaking of overalls, I believe that every miner has an indescribable feeling of intimacy because it is accompanied by the daily work of the miners, so that they are free from scratches, bumps, rubs, and injuries. And, more importantly, It also shows people the corporate image and philosophy, which allows employees to experience the ever-changing life, the vigorous development of the country and the unit. A few days ago, the reporter walked into the Liujiacun coal mine of the coal mining group to pursue the change course of the mine's overalls and to feel the development and changes of the Liujiacun mine recorded through this silent way.

"Take a look at dressing like a meal"
"If you look far ahead, it looks like you want to have a meal. When you look at it, it's a charcoal." One old joke that ridiculed resembles the sadness of the old generation of coal miners. The 65-year-old retired worker Liu Jia from Liu Jiacun Mine, who broke ground and started production, said that the first uniforms were called “small canvases.” The canvas fabric of the clothing was made of cotton yarn or linen, hard and thick. , but strong and wear-resistant. This is a practical work-based work clothes, old style, single function, only played the most basic protection, wearing up and bulky, uncomfortable, whenever wiping sweat, and even have to frown, because stiff The fabric is very face. Not only that, this kind of clothing is also particularly difficult to wash, wash with large tubs loaded with hot water, industrial alkaline powder is put one after another, after stirring some, soak for half an hour, and then rub hard. Some work clothes make up and make up. After soaking, they can weigh more than 10 kilos. Cleaning them is very laborious. The hands that often wash clothes are also wrinkled and wrinkled by alkali soaked in water... It's hard to clean, and it's dried up again. The problem is, therefore, if the work clothes of the older generation of coal miners are not so dirty that they can't be worn, everyone is “not willing” to wash it once.

"How charming is it?"
With the growing scale of production, the mine has developed from its annual loss in the initial stage of production to its current annual profit of over 100 million yuan. From the 1997 Pucai area, it has achieved an annual national level of 370,000 tons, and by 2002, the mine has broken through the original coal. Production of 1.2 million tons, workers wear uniforms are also quietly changing: from color to fabric, from style to work, from the comfort of wearing to the safety of use, have greatly improved. The style of overalls is also more innovative, taking into account the practicality and aesthetics, with breathable, sweat-absorbent, dirt-resistant, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, fire-retardant, anti-static and so on.

“When I was wearing my overalls for the first time, I was still memorized and worried about it. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep at night.” Sun Feng, a 56-year-old coal transportation worker in the mine, could not wait to say, “I lived in the countryside when I was young. At that time, in the countryside, there was no concept of work clothes. During the Chinese New Year, the mother gave her a new dress, and she was always reluctant to wear it. She often wore patched clothes to work in the ground. At that time, the coal workers who saw in our village wore overalls every year. When I went home for the New Year, I was very envious of my heart, and I was thinking about it as a worker and wearing overalls.I later became a worker in a working area of ​​the Liujiacun Mine through recruitment work. Once he received the overalls, he was more than happy to mention him. He returned to his hometown wearing new work clothes every year.

No wear and wear tooling In 2009, the mine realized the mechanization of mining thin coal seams with "one metre or less of hard-carrying crucibles" and reached the international advanced level; in 2010, the coal mining area of ​​the fully-mechanized coal mining area in the mine was 680,800 tons, three years ahead of schedule. The goal of creating a coal mining team with 800,000 tons of thin coal seams was completed. During this period, overalls also witnessed this historic leap. Now the design concept of work clothes is more people-oriented. They have tight cuffs, tight clothing, and reflective strips on the back of the shirts. The lights can clearly identify your position. The "Yangcun Group Yangcun Coal Mine" logo on the chest is even more visible. It is people's heart full of self-confidence. Every large-scale event, all mine workers wear uniform and uniform clothing, not only shows the style of the new era of laborers, but also demonstrated the good demeanor of the entire enterprise.

There is also someone responsible for washing the overalls. “Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, or when it rains and rains, each of our employees can wear dry work clothes to go down and work hard to get a job.” said Liu Peng, a technician who drove into the area.

In order to find out, the reporter walked into the laundry room of the mine staff service center, and his eyes were suddenly attracted by neat rows of uniforms. The supervisor of the laundry room, Wang Lixia, said that each worker’s work clothes must be collected, rinsed, dehydrated, dried, repaired, checked, folded, placed, and issued. On the other side of the laundry room, a female worker, Li Qin, is examining a large number of work clothes to see if there are open seams, whether they are broken or not, and whether there is a knockout; Xu Suqin is using the sewing machine to sew damaged work clothes. Dry edge said: "The coveralls were sent by the early-workers after the well was raised. After being well-trimmed, we were able to fold up one by one to catch up with tomorrow's class."

In the past two years, the Liujia Mine has recruited a lot of new workers after 80 and 90. “Fashionable”, “avant-garde” and “individualistic publicity” are synonymous with these young people. However, the reporter found that after work, some young men often wear clothes and go shopping. They are eye-catching on the street and have become a unique landscape in the mining area.

The times are changing. The hanhan tooling is also changing. Seeing that these miners wore the work clothes we made, they have no pleasure in their hearts. Pride has arisen and Jahan has spent his lifelong energy to do a good job. , To do a good job tooling, build the first brand of Henan tooling, tailor-made for the hard work in the workplace.

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