Conductive anti-chlorine corrosion buried anti-corrosion coating effect

The buried metal pipes and the corrosion of the steel bars in the concrete are all electrochemical processes. The metal pipes buried in the soil (the medium) are closely related to the corrosion of the steel bars in the concrete. The corrosion process belongs to the electrochemical process and the soil (medium). Conductivity is closely related. The general rule is that the better the conductivity of the soil (low resistivity), the more corrosive it is. The relationship between soil resistivity and corrosion is given. Soil resistivity is a comprehensive indicator, which is closely related to soil properties, water content, salt content, etc., and therefore is an important test indicator for soil corrosivity. ZS-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coating is a coating formed by an inorganic polymer chelate film solution and a highly activated anti-corrosive pigment. The Zhisheng Weihua anti-corrosion coating can be quickly reacted with the surface material atoms or ions of the object to form physical, chemical and electronic. The triple protection and protection function is firmly combined with the surface of the substrate through chemical bonds and ionic bonds, and has the characteristics of conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, and chloride ion resistance. It has a good protective matrix function for the buried substrate to have good physical anti-corrosion, chemical anti-corrosion and electronic anti-corrosion. Zhisheng Weihua ZS inorganic anti-corrosion coating has no pollution to the environment, long service life and anti-corrosion performance exceeds the international advanced level. It is the best coating for underground anti-corrosion in line with environmental protection requirements.
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