Chinese industrial robots lack overall core technology breakthroughs

Although China's industrial robots have made great progress after the "seventh five-year" research plan, the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" and the 863 plan support, but in some key technologies, there is still a lack of overall core technology breakthroughs, with Chinese intellectual property rights. There are very few industrial robots. Compared with foreign companies, the technical weakness of China's robot manufacturing companies is mainly reflected in the two aspects of motor technology and processing technology.

So what are the problems we have? How to change the status quo?

1. The manufacturing capacity of basic components is poor.

Although China has a good foundation in the related basic components of industrial robots, it has a big gap with foreign products in terms of quality, product series and mass supply, especially in high-performance communication. The gap between servo motors and high-precision reducers is particularly evident.

2. China's industrial robots have not formed their own brands.

At present, although a group of enterprises are engaged in the development of industrial robot technology, they have not formed a large scale, lacking the recognition of market brands, and have been facing the competitive pressure of foreign brands in the market of robots.

3. The state has few policies to encourage the development of industrial robot products.

In order to encourage enterprises to produce and use robots, the Japanese government has formulated relevant support and incentive policies, which greatly promoted the development of the industrial robot industry and the promotion and application of industrial robots.

4. Key technology research is needed.

Although industrial robot technology has developed relatively maturely, industrial robot technology is constantly evolving, and new robot configurations that meet the needs of different products, such as robot motion control technology with force, machine vision and various sensors, are required.

The competition in the industrial robot market is becoming more and more fierce. The Chinese manufacturing industry faces the huge challenge of connecting with the international community and participating in the international division of labor. It is necessary to accelerate the research and development and production of industrial robot technology, and use robot technology to improve the level of industrial development in China and change from a manufacturing country. Become a manufacturing powerhouse and become the world's largest industrial robot power.

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