Bathroom cabinet installation pay attention to eight details summer drip does not invade

In the bathroom, the bathroom cabinet has two main functions. The first is to facilitate our daily personal cleaning, and the second is to store the function. Can store a variety of toiletries, cosmetics, paper towels and other items, is a good helper in the bathroom "storage". The bathroom is the relatively humidest space, and the contact with water is more frequent, so the moisture resistance of the bathroom cabinet is very important, otherwise the bathroom will lose its storage. The bathroom cabinet installation should pay attention to eight points. In the summer, your bathroom cabinet will not drip.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: waterproof material

The wooden bathroom cabinet absorbs water and is easily deformed, so it has very strict requirements on the surrounding environment, while the bathroom of an ordinary family generally has only a few square meters of space, and it is not easy to achieve a wet and dry partition. When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, a composite board such as a fireproof board, a wear-resistant board, or a high-molecular polymer can be used as a cabinet material, which not only has good moisture resistance, but also simulates the color of solid wood.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: metal legs

If the bathroom cabinet is made of wooden cabinet legs, it will be easily damp, and the moisture will be led to the cabinet without knowing it, which will eventually cause the whole cabinet to be deformed. If the metal is used as the leg material to support the cabinet at the bottom of the cabinet, the problem is subtly solved. In addition, the "skeleton" of the aluminum cabinet legs is strong, and there is no fear in front of the "pressure" of the basin. The rust-proof feature ensures that the cabinet legs do not rust after contact with water.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: hardware connection

The hardware connector includes slide rails, hinges and other parts. Although it is only some small accessories, it bears the responsibility of opening and closing the bathroom cabinet. Ordinary hardware connectors are more delicate, and a little corrosion and rust will cause the doors and drawers to fail to open or close, and affect the service life of the bathroom cabinet.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: rubber edge banding

In the place where the cabinet is in contact with the cabinet door, the rubber strip with anti-collision function is installed, the impact force can be well buffered, and a simple small discovery can easily eliminate the noise of closing the door, and the moisture is also rejected. . Wrap the edges of the board with a multi-purpose anti-collision rubber strip to completely block the intrusion of moisture.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: bottom drain floor

The bathroom cabinet with the basin directly connected to the cabinet is common and frequently used. The water outlet pipe of the basin will enter the underground through the bottom plate, and the condensed water in the basin will also be immersed in the bottom of the cabinet from the cutting edge of the plate, so that the floor of the bathroom cabinet is deformed by moisture. As long as the waterproof bottom drain is installed at the outlet of the bottom of the pool, the service life of the cabinet can be extended.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: wall design

The main source of moisture is the ground, which solves the problem of moisture absorption at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet, and successfully blocks 50% of the water vapor infiltration in the bathroom cabinet. The development of the wall-mounted mirror cabinet can avoid the cabinet directly contacting the ground, and make maximum use of the upper space of the bathroom. The two technologies of "hanging design" and "waterproof material" are combined to make the annoying tide not come out. day.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: new cabinet

The box material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is covered by the surface material and is easily overlooked by people. Since the box material cannot be seen within the range of sight, many people think that it is not necessary to use a cheap sheet. In fact, not all plates can be used as the material of the bathroom cabinet. Only those special plates that are both moisture-proof and breathable can do the heavy lifting.

Bathroom cabinet installation details: waterproof aluminum foil

According to our usual bathing experience, we will find that the hot water in the basin or faucet in the bathroom will generate a lot of condensed water, which will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the countertop, causing mold deformation of the cabinet. If you can put a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad on the bottom of the cabinet in time to solve this problem, put them on the bottom of the drawer to protect the bath while protecting against moisture.

The above is the installation of the bathroom cabinet brought by Xiaobian. Pay attention to these eight details. As long as you have done this eight points, you can ensure the moisture resistance of your bathroom cabinet.

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