Material: Wallpaper

One, wallpaper classification

Plain paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, Bougainvillea wallpaper, gold foil wallpaper, diatomaceous earth wallpaper, fiberglass wallpaper, and paper wallpaper

Second, wallpaper purchase


First of all, look at the color of the surface of the wallpaper, whether it is even and pure. This will test the eyesight and feelings of the consumer. It feels right. Next, look at pattern patterns, whether they are complete and clear. In the process of watching wallpapers, consumers should pay attention to a technique that is to look up the wallpaper or put it on the wall.


Smell the smell of wallpaper is very simple, the more environmentally friendly the wallpaper is, the smaller the smell is, and even can not smell any odor. Some bad wallpapers will have pungent smells. It should be noted that some businesses claim that their products have a fragrant odor and that such products may also be environmentally unacceptable products.


Because wallpaper is a semi-finished product in home improvement building materials, consumers will not only have to look at their own wallpapers, listen to them, but also ask them questions such as the production channels of wallpaper, where the company is, and where the manufacturers are. It is understood that Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shaoxing are the main producing areas of Chinese wallpaper. In addition, consumers must not forget to ask about the after-sales service of the wallpaper, such as the warranty period and whether to provide maintenance.


When you cut, that is, touch it with your hand and scratch the wallpaper, consumers should remember that the thickness and thickness of the wallpaper are not necessarily proportional to the quality. The feel of the non-woven paper is very important. The soft and delicate feel indicates that the density is relatively high. On the contrary, the density is lower when it is hard and rough. The flexibility is not easy to break and shows that the quality is good, and vice versa. With the permission of the business, consumers can try to see if the dirt on the surface of the wallpaper is easy to handle. The dirt on the wallpaper with good quality can be easily removed with a dry and damp rag.

Famous brands include:

1 Elizabeth wallpaper

2 Napoleon Wallpaper

3 De Gaulle Wallpaper

4 Joanna Wallpaper

5 Auchan Wallpaper

6 Milan wallpaper

7 Tianli Wallpaper

8 Grammy wallpaper

9 Yadi wallpaper

10 Nature wallpapers

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Matrix body fixed cutters are made from tungsten carbide material. This provides improved wear resistance and erosion.Additionally, they are typically more heavy set as far as cutter count.In applications of high fluid volume or high sand, matrix body PDC bits offer longer life and multiple bit runs. 

 PDC Drill Bits are equipped with Hardened Alloy Steel base material;High performance PDC-Cutters;Carbide and Diamond gauge protection;Carbide/Diamond Shock Studs;Threaded or Plain Carbide Nozzles for Flushing

Above features are subject to changes and modifications according to customers' requirements.

Matrix Body PDC Bit advantage :

1. Force balanced, resist impact to the blade during high-speed drilling, to make bit work stable.
2. Plus wear knot section, reduce collision in the high-speed rotational vibration.
3. Patented matrix formulation, extended bit life.
4. Optimal hydraulic design, easy to move out the drill cuttings and cooling.
5. Equipped with back reaming Cutters.
6. The cutter is high performance to increase the ability of anti-impact and anti-abrasive

Characteristics of Matrix body PDC bits
1.PDC Cutters of different features are selected and bit profile design is optimized to suit different drilling applications in different formations to satisfy different requirement when drilling soft to medium hard formations 

2.Cutting structure is force balanced ,non-symmetrical blade and wide gage are designed so that the bit drills more stable and resulting longer working life of the bit

3.Better wear resistance and higher strength of the bit are guaranteed in regard to material and structure by using matrix body material with self-owned intellectual property rights and combining FEA analysis technology.

4.Hydraulic system of the bit is optimized using dynamic flow pattern simulation technology to enhance cleaning and cooling effects of the bit to effectively prevent bit from balling.

5.CNC sintering process uses full automatic control. Inside and outside temperature of the bit is monitored during all procedures to fully embody material properties as well as ensure uniformity and stability of product quality.

Matrix Body PDC Bit

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