Employees should be educated to overcome four kinds

The so-called ideological hidden dangers, as the name suggests, refer to the unsafe tendencies of human ideology in safe production, which in turn leads to the emergence of unsafe behavior. The ideological hidden danger is intangible. It does not appear in a certain form like the general accident hidden danger, and it is easy to be discovered and eliminated by people.

Due to the particularity of the corporate environment and conditions and the complexity of the personnel, it can be said that there are more or less potential safety hazards in the production process. However, these hidden dangers are visible and tangible, and can be eliminated only by careful management. The real greatest hidden danger is the hidden danger of thought. If we do not work hard to solve it, it will be difficult to eliminate it.

The hidden danger of thought is first of all to recognize the problem. The level of understanding is low and understanding is not. Business production is often linked to accidents, and it is believed that production cannot be accidental. To stand taller, look a little further, how many companies can achieve long-term safety production. As long as the management is in place, no security incident can occur.

The hidden danger of thinking is secondarily that safety is not benefit. When there is a contradiction between safety, production, and efficiency, production efficiency is often put in the first place, resulting in inadequate funding for necessary safety, not to mention technology security. Safety is the greatest benefit for employees. Safety is the greatest benefit for companies, and safety is also an achievement.

The hidden danger of thought is once again a reversal of psychological security management. Security management must be "strict" in the word, must iron black-faced "anti-three violations", we must increase penalties, punishment must inevitably touch the vital interests of some people. He raised the hidden dangers of anti-"three violations" and was psychologically uncomfortable and disgusted. He often responded with a negative attitude and even developed a rebellious mentality. Taking "rigorous" security as a mature experience in safety management is also a good method that must be adhered to. It is not objectionable, and even more incoherent.

The hidden danger is the paralysis of thought. Often said: Be wary of security, paralysis accidents come. After people have a long safety cycle and skilled operating techniques, they think that they have done so for a long time and will not do anything. They have virtually relaxed their vigilance and simplified their operating procedures, resulting in a phenomenon of “three violations” or the existence of a chance of fortunes. , Adventurous homework, these are numbness thinking. The paralyzed thought is also the biggest hidden danger. It is necessary to always be a vigilant and long-time sirens, and safety work must be conscientious and not irritating.

In order to address these hidden dangers, we must take effective measures, increase education efforts, raise awareness, solve ideological problems, solve ideological problems, and realize knowledge, so that we can truly implement our actions. If the hidden danger of thinking cannot be solved, the good performance to achieve safety can only be empty talk.

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