Jilin Songhua Lake Wuhu Island Scenic Amusement Park held an emergency drill

Suddenly there was a power outage. The large-scale amusement facility “Roller Coaster” tripped to a height of more than 10 meters at a sudden high altitude and the “tourist” panicked. On the morning of April 28, an emergency drill was held at the Songhua Lake Wuhudao Scenic Area Amusement Park in Jilin City. Simulate emergencies for organizational rescue.

At 10 o'clock, six staff members dressed as "tourists" to climb the thrilling "suspended roller coaster", under normal circumstances, "roller coaster" to rely on power to drive to the highest point of 32 meters from the ground, and then rely on inertial gliding. It can only reach a height of about 15 meters, suddenly encountered power outages.

"Come on, roller coaster, jamming!", "I'm afraid..." The six "tourists" suddenly panicked and their hearts hung up. The operating room staff immediately shouted in loudspeakers: “The tourists shouldn’t be alarmed. Please stay calm. Due to a sudden power failure, you are now in an early warning state. The rescue personnel immediately arrived!”

Less than a minute, a five-person rescue team arrived at the scene. They had a clear division of labor. Some people comforted the tourists. Someone raised the rescue vehicle through a generator. Some people tied their seat belts and walked up the safety ladder.

“In the event of an emergency, the airbag device of the roller coaster is locked. Tourists cannot open it and there will be no accidents. Rescue workers use a battery to unlock and rescue them one by one.” Wu Xu Island Scenic Area Chief Xu Xu Introduced in China.

A rescue worker boarded the rescue vehicle. He first secured the chain around the perimeter to ensure safety. He then unlocked a “tourist” airbag through the battery. The other two rescuers immediately escorted the “tourist” to the safety ladder. Finally sent to the ground. In less than five minutes, six "tourists" were successfully rescued.

"Amusement park is equipped with a full-time doctor. If visitors feel unwell, they will take further first-aid measures." Xu Hua said.

“It’s really scary!” said Heng Xiaojia, a member of the “tourist” staff, who talked about the feelings of the “accident” and said: “If we change into real tourists, I’m afraid that we feel even more alarmed. We feel empathy. Through drills, we are also aware In the event of an accident, it must be calm and calm and rescue the tourists as quickly as possible in accordance with the emergency plan."

Different from previous equipment failure drills, this security emergency rescue is all actual combat simulation. In addition to the "suspended roller coaster," the amusement park also conducted emergency drills on nine large-scale amusement equipment such as the "big pendulum," "flying island," and "wave rolling."

Li Hongliang, deputy director of the Special Equipment Accident Handling Center of Jilin City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, commented on the various emergency drills, and emphasized that the relevant person in charge must strengthen day-to-day supervision of large-scale amusement equipment and find problems in a timely manner so as to prevent problems.

Li Hongliang introduced that at present, there are altogether 40 large-scale amusement facilities in major amusement parks in Jilin City, of which A-class amusement facilities are all in the Wuhudao Amusement Park. The “May 1st” holiday is approaching, and the use of amusement facilities is at its peak. All amusement parks must conduct comprehensive “physical examinations” of amusement facilities and provide concentrated training for employees to improve their ability to respond to emergencies. Li Hongliang stated that the "Regulations on the Supervision of Large-scale Amusement Facilities" promulgated by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China will be implemented on April 1 this year. Next, the department will call together the heads of amusement parks and request them to further strictly implement the regulations.

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