Security industry: experiential marketing or mainstream

Security industry: experiential marketing or mainstream
The security industry has naturally been hailed as a multi-gold industry. The prospects are broad, bringing huge profits to the industry and fighting for market cakes. With the continuous increase in the number of enterprises in the industry and continuous infusion of capital, the security industry in China is also rapidly expanding. The rapid rise of the security industry is an important force in the world. With the construction of domestic smart cities and safe cities gradually taking root, the acceleration of high-definition intelligent penetration, and the rise of civil and operational markets, the security industry has ushered in a round of boom cycles.
The overall strength of China's security industry continues to increase. On the one hand, the scale of the industry has continued to expand. Since 2008, the growth rate of the output value of the security industry has remained at a high level of about 20% for five consecutive years. In 2012, the total output value has reached 320 billion yuan, and it is expected to exceed 5000 in 2015. 100 million yuan. On the other hand, the industrial structure has been continuously optimized. In addition to the ever-increasing product variety, various security service businesses, such as risk assessment, effectiveness assessment, construction supervision, maintenance and maintenance, intermediary consulting, and business training, have also shown significant growth.
The enticing value of production lies behind its huge competitiveness. Since it is necessary to compete for market cakes, it is certainly inseparable from the marketing model. Under the model of setting the world, marketing is the lifeblood of a company. Choosing an appropriate marketing model, systematization and process-based operation are the core and key to the corporate marketing model. This is also true for the security industry.
First, experiential marketing to create customer awareness
In recent years, in addition to continuing the traditional marketing model, a new marketing model has emerged in the security industry, experiential marketing. (Experiential marketing refers to the participation of customers in the sales process, experiencing the functionality of the products themselves, and reflecting the advantages of selling products in comparison with different products, thereby performing a series of product sales behaviors. A service to gain the recognition of potential users.) It can be said that this model has become a new favorite of the industry.
It is reported that the example of experiential marketing to create customer perceived value is a case in point. It is the case of Maotai, which is widely known by everyone and it is a bottle-smashing bottle. In 1915, at the International Panama Fair, the products presented by various countries were dazzling and beautiful. However, Maotai, which was presented to China, was crowded in a corner and no one cares for a long time. Chinese workers are not convinced. He wrinkled his eyebrows, and he took a bottle of maotai and walked to the most lively spot in the exhibition hall. He accidentally fell the bottle of Maotai on the ground. The bottle fell to the floor and was full of fragrant fragrance, attracting many spectators. People were attracted by the fragrant smell of Maotai. From then on, those foreigners who only used to drink “champagne” and “brandyland” knew the charm of Chinese Maotai. This fall, Maotai is famous, was named one of the world famous wines, and won the award.
The purpose of marketing is to create customer value, gain customer awareness, and experience marketing is just right to do this.
Second, experiential marketing or security industry into the future mainstream
Today, experiential marketing is also playing an important role in the security industry. In the security industry, the biggest manifestation of experiential marketing is the establishment of an experience center. Whether it is a nationwide large-scale experience center or a self-built customer experience center, companies are making a comeback for experiential marketing.
Huabaian set up a smart home experience room. In order to cooperate with experiential marketing, Huabaian has set up a smart home experience room. In addition, it will also be an experience zone at exhibitions across the country. Online marketing combined with experiential marketing. For example, the development of remote control application system based on Android, IOS, through the smart phone to download the client, you can remote experience and application, through experience-based marketing to allow customers to understand Huabaian's products, so that customers interested in the product to achieve the market Warm up, create sales potential.
Mai Chi founded the Customer Experience Center. According to Shen Weimin, general manager of McChief Security, in 2011 Maichi established a customer experience center. The customer experience center is mainly based on the function of the product and then integrates other functions. Through the establishment of customer experience center, companies can display products more intuitively, allowing customers to feel the convenience brought by the product itself, and thus establish a good relationship with customers. At the same time, he introduced the Experience Center experience mainly to real estate developers, system integrators, and some end customers, family customers.
In addition, major manufacturers such as Anjubao, Fujian Guanlin, and Xiamen Lilin have also launched their own experience houses.
It is not difficult to see that from the perspective of the performance of major manufacturers, everyone's momentum in experiential marketing is not bad. For enterprises, any product must have market promotion, warm-up, and concept creation, while experiential marketing brings great help to the establishment and promotion of corporate brands. At the same time, it can also increase product popularity and reputation, so that the company's marketing model is more abundant. At present, with the continuous expansion of the civilian market for the security industry and the continuous improvement of consumer demand for personalized products, the use of experiential marketing models to promote products is more effective. The future security industry, experiential marketing or will become a mainstream.

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