China's plastic granulator industry is rising

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In recent years, China's industry has developed rapidly and the market has prospered. There are dozens of large plastics markets. However, waste plastic pellets have been in short supply, and prices have risen and then risen. Therefore, waste plastic pellet processing will become a hot spot for future development as a main processing machine. The recycled plastic granulator will have a large customer base.

Faced with severe energy and environmental challenges, China has recently adopted a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as its guiding ideology, and formulated a medium and long-term energy science and technology development strategy and development plan by 2020.

The formulation of this energy and environmental development strategy has also pointed out the direction for the development of China's plastic granulator technology. It is imperative to explore the new development path of plastic granulator technology.

The operation of plastic granulator involves a wide range of national economy. It is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. The plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China, and the energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. .

In addition, the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. The progress of plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the entire national economy.

First of all, plastic granulators operate in a wide range of fields, and China's plastic granulators account for almost half of the total industrial energy consumption, up to 12%.

Secondly, the plastic granulator is also very polluting to the environment. Among the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulators, more than three-quarters are hot-air plastic granulators. These plastic granulators are very polluting to the environment and burn coal for plastic granulator systems. The transformation of the furnace has become an important issue to be solved urgently.

In exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be considered comprehensively in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

To implement the development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator, we must first take the path of resource-saving development, and become a combination and intelligent plastic granulator. It is necessary not only to carry out fundamental transformation from the plastic granulator process, but also to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation, and vigorously develop plastic granulator technology using renewable energy and industrial waste heat. From the government level, it is necessary to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment, establish macro-control and market regulation mechanisms, and accelerate the upgrading of plastic granulator technology.

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