Anti-mite mask effect is challenged by experts

"3.15" International consumer rights day is approaching, which fake products are still on the market, infringing the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and becoming the focus of public attention. This also includes anti-mite masks that have been raised due to hazy weather.

Mist turns to invade, detonating moth mask market

According to the statistics of the Central Weather Bureau, in the past 2013, smog affected more than 100 large and medium-sized cities in 25 provinces in China. The average smog days in China reached 29.9 days, the highest in 52 years. The last time the fog raged, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued 12 consecutive warnings. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the surrounding areas became the "hard-hit areas."

In the grey weather, the “face mask” on the streets also increased. Or colorful grids, or gas mask-like pig's mouth, masks have become the most common anti-mosquito weapon.

"These days I went to buy masks and how many drugstores I ran. I said they sold out. No matter if it is true, the masks are out of stock!" Although the weather was fine in recent days, Ms. Wang was very comfortable, but she recalled that the last month was hazy. When she rushed to buy a mask, she could not but complain more.

The haze hits and hits the domestic mask market all of a sudden. According to Shandong media reports, the data provided by the Jinan Saitama Civil Pharmacy Marketing Department showed that from June to the end of December 2013, the pharmacy sold a total of more than 200,000 anti-PM2.5 masks, including only 12 months. Nearly 80,000 were sold and 2,580 were sold every day.

This reporter learned that not only the sales volume of masks in offline stores is bullish, but also the sales data of major e-commerce websites is also very alarming.

Enter keywords such as "halk mask" and "PM2.5 mask" at Tmall Mall to retrieve thousands of product lists. In Jingdong Mall, Amazon and other sites, many masks even once in the "no goods" or "stock tension" state. The Tmall flagship store of a well-known domestic brand mask has reached more than 20,000 monthly sales.

Mask effect questioned, cited consumer concerns

The hot mask market has also brought another question: Is it really effective that these masks that claim to be able to defend against defamation?

"Who can prevent the PM2.5 fourteen mask products broke the news", "Fighting or flicker?" there is only one truth! 8 common "hit-proof" masks assessment "," want to live a few more years? Anti-PM2.5 masks are completely analyzed.... ...... With the people's true and false discrimination, online evaluation of such posts, caused many people to reprint.

Some netizens started with the packaging of products and questioned certain masks as "exaggerated." Other netizens, at their own expense, sent masks to a private testing center for testing, claiming that the “Lee Ghost” in the flood control masks had been released.

Some comment posts said that on the outer packaging of some masks, there is a “TM” sign on the upper right of “PM2.5”, which indicates that it is not referred to as PM2.5 itself, but as a “PM2.5” brand. Is a registered trademark. "But it has nothing to do with the real 'PM2.5'."

Qiu Baochang, an expert in consumer rights law, said that if a mask is not a professional mask against PM2.5, selling it as a product trademark is a misleading and false propaganda.

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